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Open book 01.png "Lexicographer: A writer of dictionaries; a harmless drudge that busies himself in tracing the original, and detailing the signification of words." - Samuel Johnson

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What's up?

  • Haven't been very active here lately and when I am, it is usually related to things going on elsewhere. A very busy time right now; hope to be back in the calmer waters (!!) of Wikipedia soon.
  • For those who obsess about categories: weird and wacky Library of Congress subject headings.


British literature of the Restoration and 18thc; women's writing; print culture; street literature; speculative fiction. I am on a roll with women writers of the long 18thc, and I'm discovering my inner WikiFairy.


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Mary Alcock; Elizabeth Amherst; Katherine Austen; Anne Bannerman; Mary Barber; Elizabeth Bath; Henrietta Battier; Diana Beauclerk; Frances Boothby; Barbarina Brand; Hannah Brand; Frances Burney (niece); Elizabeth Cary; Dorothea Celesia; Mary Collier; An Collins; Elizabeth Craven; Emma Crewe; Isaac Cruikshank; Alicia D'Anvers; Mary Davys; John Duncombe; Elizabeth Egerton; Sarah Fyge Egerton; Constantia Grierson; Ann Jebb; Jane Lumley; Mary Oxlie; Sarah Piers; Anne Plumptre; Elizabeth Polack; Elizabeth Polwheele; Diana Primrose; Elizabeth Rowe; Jane Scott; Mary Scott; Elizabeth Sican; Elizabeth Thomas; Elizabeth Thomas; Jane Wiseman
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Bios. (mainly writers) Texts Lists Topics
Eliza Acton, Jane Anger; Elizabeth Bentley; Elizabeth Inchbald; Mary Leapor; Mariana Starke; Mary Tighe; Jane West

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