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Due to my mid-life crisis (hey, everything gets accelerated on the Internet) regarding my role on Wikipedia, I'm going on hiatus. As much as anything, I got stuck in one too many cases of having to defend an article against people who cite "non-notability" or "fancruft", delete the article 5 minutes later, and either won't respond to requests for explanation or simply say that the article was non-notable and that's all the justification they have to provide.

I am originally from Ashland, KY. My elementary school was Holy Family Elementary School. My middle school was George M. Verity Middle School. My high school was Paul G. Blazer High School. My college was the University of Dayton, where I attained a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in four years, including co-op terms with Intel and Marathon Ashland Petroleum. After four years with AFMETCAL Det 1, I went to CMU for my Masters of Software Engineering. ^_^ Hopefully, that's enough gratuitous links to provide people with context should they think they know me.

I edit fairly eclectically, and not nearly as often as I once did. I guess old age has mellowed me out of needing to act upon the fact that someone on the Internet is wrong.