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Good Articles in Wikipedia
About 0.1% of Wikipedia articles are featured articles, which have been thoroughly reviewed and designated as the very best of Wikipedia. However, there are also many articles containing excellent content but which are unlikely at present to become featured. So long as they meet certain quality standards, they may be listed as good articles.

Currently, 911 articles are listed here as meeting the good article criteria: in short, they should be well written, stable, accurate, referenced, use a neutral point of view, and wherever possible, be illustrated by appropriately tagged images. Good articles may not be as thorough and detailed as our featured articles, but should not omit any major facets of the topic.

The process for designating articles as 'good' is simpler and quicker than that for featured articles. If you find or write an article meeting the criteria, you can add it to the nominations page for an impartial reviewer to assess and, if successful, add to this list. Articles are removed if promoted to featured status or delisted for not meeting the criteria: any editor can do this by following the delisting instructions. If an article's nomination fails or it is delisted, pointers should be given on its talk page on how to improve it to reach the criteria. Disagreements can be resolved on the disputes page. WikiProject Good articles helps to maintain the process.

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