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Hello, SeanO here.

I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm a bureaucrat by trade. A jazz singer by avocation.

WEB: AIM: I'm at "lifegoestoaparty".

I came here from Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb and the Bookshelved Wiki.

I created this page here in February, 2003, but I edited several pages earlier than that.

FEMA Project[edit]

My latest fixation is to write articles for every FEMA director. See my contributions at:

"Sure, anyone can write a Wikipedia article on Mike Brown, but how many people can write one on John Macy??"

Jazz Project[edit]

Pages I'm proud to have contributed to:

Perhaps you can tell I like Jazz.


Armstrong Number[edit]

My Armstrong Number is three. I've defined the Armstrong Number to be similar to the Erdős number, except using Louis Armstrong and jazz performance as criteria.

Louis Armstrong (0) -> Barrett Deems (1) -> Mark Sonksen (2) -> SeanO (3).

I also have a Bacon number of three.

Kevin Bacon (0) -> Steve Guttenberg (1) -> Colin Quinn (2) -> SeanO (3) (I appeared in the MTV game show Remote Control in the late 1980s.)

Sadly, I don't have an Erdős number, but I know someone that does.