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I am California public interest attorney who directs a small non-profit that is creating a wiki of workers' rights and resources. For many years before becoming an attorney I was a union stagehand here in the San Francisco Bay Area where I still live. I am at heart a blue-collar worker who wants to help other blue-collar workers. The organization administering the wiki is a registered California non-profit, does not receive fees for services, and is dedicated to harnessing the power of the open source, open knowledge and open education movement to advance the rights of workers. My personal involvement with the Wikipedia Project is motivated by my desire to contribute to the open knowledge movement and to learn from my interactions with the Wikipedean community. I am also hoping to meet people who would be interested in becoming contributors to my project. I know mentioning the name of my wiki might be considered against policies prohibiting promotional use of Wikipedia. So, I won't include it here. But, if any experienced Wikipedeans think it would be acceptable to include the name of the wiki in my user profile, leave me a comment. I'm new here and I want to learn. I think it is also important to note that none of my contributions to Wikipedia constitute a legal opinion. They only reflect my summary of the information contained in the sources I cite.