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I am Sean ODuibher. Guess my heritage...

About Me[edit]

I'm a fairly new Wikipedian, though a long time reader and occasional non-registered contributer. While I'm still learning all of the ins and outs of WP politics and bureaucracy, and the occasional style variation, I have a desire to contribute to this valuable resource the best I can. I have experience editing a high school newspaper for several years; granted, this is not the most auspicious resume as far as copyediting goes, but I think I have a firm grasp on English in general and fixing up poorly rendered English specifically.

Areas of Expertise?[edit]

I'm not claiming an doctoral knowledge in these areas but I do have some knowledge (or at least the desire to spend a great deal of time researching something if I don't) on the following:

  • Military History, particularly modern (i.e. post 1800)
  • Japan, from history to modern pop-culture or politics
  • US government and politics
  • Various others? I'm generally willing to expand my knowledge base, so if there's something I can help with, tell me and I'll make every effort to educate myself on the topic

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