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Sean the Spook[edit]

My name is Sean Hattersley, I am 22, and I live near Essington, Staffordshire.

I own a Sony α 200 D-SLR with a standard 18-70mm lens.

My interests in photography are mainly in landscape, and of the natural world, including animals, insects, and flowers. I mainly work around the Midlands, in places of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the Long Mynd and Cannock Chase, in North Wales and in the West Country, especially on Exmoor in Somerset and Devon.

Sony α 200 Photography[edit]

Sunrise looking North East up the channel from Minehead, showing Steepholm and Brean Down
Pebbles on Bossington Shingle Beach, West Somerset
Lake Vyrnwy Reservoir and Dam, Powys
Watchet Marina in West Somerset, in black and white, showing details of marina and crane.
Devon Air Ambulance G-DAAT, near Dunkery Beacon on Exmoor

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