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About Me[edit]

I am Jake. Who knew? I am commonly known online as Lancer Sykera, Lancer, or S4L.

I am a 2005 graduate of Cedar Crest High School. I dropped out of college after 3 semesters, and am currently working whatever job I can to get by.

I live in a quaint little place called Jonestown. There is nothing to do here. Seriously. But it beats living in Lebanon. Or Williamsport.

I have been involved in web development and design for 10 years now. My first site went online February 25, 1998 (because I remember stupid things like that). For now, I've been doing it for work, though there hasn't been much to go around.

I am currently employed at Hersheypark. However, I am proud to say that I do not actually work for the park. I am employed by Get The Picture Corporation, or simply, GTP. Working for GTP, I sell ride photos in places such as Canyon River Rapids, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, and Lightning Racer.

I have done quite a bit of photography in my time. I do even more now, since I bought my new Canon Rebel XTi.

My Cats[edit]

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is half Maine Coon. He is 5 years old, and a big sleeper. I have never seen a cat sleep as much as he does. Whenever he is actually around, he always looks like just woke up. This tends to not be far from the truth. I got him from a family in Lebanon. I still remember driving home with him in the crate in the back of Kristen's old Jeep, crying the whole way. How cute! He has no front claws. His love is far reaching. I've never had such a loving kitty, and he is just absolutely amazing - I truly am lucky to have him. As soon as he is anywhere near me, his motor starts running full speed, before any contact at all. He does not hesitate to follow me all around my apartment, and even runs down the hallway with me like a dog. He is usually known as just C.Mo (pronounced SEE-mo) when spoken of.


Cappuccino is quite the cat in his own right. He is 4 years old, and misbehaves very much, but is quite loving all the same. I especially love him because he is a lap kitty and a bed kitty. I got him from a family outside of Williamsport who could not keep him because they were moving. He has all of his claws, and can be quite playful with them, albeit painful. He has a deathly fear of crates. When I picked him up to take him to my apartment, it took 3 of us 15 minutes to get him into the carrier, even while wrapped up in a sweater. As I was driving back with him, at one point, the entire carrier flew up 6 inches into the air - I had to hold it down the rest of the way. I couldn't see what he was doing in there, as the sweater was over the carrier. However, when we arrived, a very large portion of the sweater was pulled through one of the very small holes in the door of the carrier. He is an angel when he wants to be, and a terror the rest of the time. I love him anyway. For the sake of syllable-saving, some of us just call him Chino. He doesn't answer to anything, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

Links to Check Out[edit]


  • Adam1213, for organizing this user page.
  • JoanneB, for giving me popups with which to disambiguate.


George Reeves Project

Priceless Observations[edit]

Hey noob, fuckin fix it! - Excellent!