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My real name is Eugene Alvin Villar and I'm a Filipino hardware engineer working in Eastwood City, Quezon City. I finished my B.S. Computer Engineering course at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I live in Las Piñas, a city-suburb of Manila, and part of Metro Manila. I also have a weblog, called vaes9. I also run another blog, Vista Pinas, which features Filipino sights as seen from the satellite view of Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Here maps.

Wikimedia project contributions[edit]

Most of my contributions on the English Wikipedia are on topics about the Philippines. See: List of Philippine-related topics, Wikipedia:WikiProject Philippine LGUs, Wikipedia:Tambayan Philippines. My significant contributions include creating articles for all the Provinces of the Philippines.

I also enjoy creating maps and graphics. Of all the pictures I've uploaded, more than 90% are maps and can be found in my Images subpage.

Featured images[edit]

Did you know?[edit]

  • 6 May 2016 — Successfully created Torre de Manila controversy and nominated the following fact:
    Did you know that the controversial Torre de Manila, a residential condominium under construction in the Philippines, has been nicknamed by its critics as the "national photobomber"?
  • 23 May 2014 – Successfully created Core Infrastructure Initiative and nominated the following fact:
    Did you know that because of the Heartbleed bug, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft joined the Core Infrastructure Initiative to help fund software projects like OpenSSL?
  • 25 April 2008 – Successfully expanded Magat Dam and nominated the following fact:
    Did you know that Magat Dam was at one time Southeast Asia's largest multipurpose dam?
  • 14 November 2007 – Successfully nominated the following Pasig River fact:
    Did you know that the Pasig River reverses its flow of water from Manila Bay to Laguna de Bay when there is a high tide during the dry season?

Tagalog Wikipedia[edit]

I requested the creation of the Tagalog Wikipedia in late 2003 and I am its first bureaucrat. I have since delegated my responsibilities there to other competent Wikipedians (though I still retain my bureaucrat bit) since I prefer to concentrate on the English Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Philippines[edit]

I am a founding member and a member of the Board of Trustees of meta:Wikimedia Philippines, a local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. I am also the chapter's current Chairman of the Board of Trustees (for the 2014–2015 term). I previously held the Secretary position for the 2011–2012 term, the President/Chairman position for the 2012–2013 term, and the President position for the 2013–2014 term.


As a former Wikipedian said on his profile page, we all have our own Wikipedia philosophy. Here are some of mine.

Depth rather than breadth. This is why I will strongly oppose any systemic plan to have each and every barangay in the Philippines have their own articles. It's extremely unproductive to create and maintain articles for barangays "Talaba I, Bacoor, Cavite", "Talaba II, Bacoor, Cavite" all the way to "Talaba VII, Bacoor, Cavite." I'd much rather have a well-written in-depth article on Bacoor, Cavite.

The English Wikipedia is canonical. At least with respect to the other Philippine-language editions Wikipedia. I prefer that the articles in the Tagalog, Cebuano, Kapampangan and other Philippine Wikipedias be simply translated version of their English counterparts. After all, the aim of having versions of Wikipedia in various languages is so that people who understand the language can get access to this free information. It therefore won't help to have differing information in different languages. This is the reason why I will remain primarily active in the English edition, instead of in the Tagalog Wikipedia.