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Hi y'all!

Since 2006, I started editing/participating to Wikipedia. Mostly in science (I'm a biologist/geneticist by training), but I also like to improve random articles that I come across. I try to keep track here of what I worked on, although the list below is probably not 100% accurate.

I also edit the French version under seb951

Any comments, tips, remarks appreciated! Thanks!

Here is my personal website [1].


My contributions (in english)[edit]

Alexey Kondrashov new entry

Al Maktoum International Airport

Agrobacterium picture

Beijing#Public_transit update

Bdelloidea added info



brussels minor

Brussels metro minor


Cabinda (province)

Castor oil plant

car2go update info

Cervélo improving flow , grammar

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii extra info + improving flow

Coregonus clupeaformis extra info

CpG site

deleterious minor precision

Demographics of Brazil genetic studies. Still needs more cleaning up.

DNA hybridization minor

DNA sequencing to do list

Elephant improving flow, summarizing. Move some info (mostly trivia facts) into a new article Cultural depictions of elephants


Evolution minor. typos

Evolution of sex intro, origin, effect of sex in removing del. mutations, references


Fixation index

Fisher's exact test minor. extra link

Fungus minor

Fuente de Neptuno (Monterrey) new entry, picture article delete

gene flow minor, much work still needed.

Genetics (journal)

Graham Bell (biologist) new entry

Haldane's rule reworked article

Heriot-Watt University minor

Heterosis expand + table

Heterokaryosis New entry

Honolulu International Airport minor, stats

Hybrid speciation new entry

Idealised population added some info

in situ hybridization minor

Ka/Ks ratio definition

Macroplaza picture

Mariana Mallard minor

Montreal Metro minor

Mallorca minor typos

micropropagation picture

Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport new stat

Molecular ecology much work still need. Also created the article Molecular Ecology (journal) but needs to be written! Aug08

McDonald–Kreitman test

Mutation intro: precisions

Murmansk minor

Mycorrhiza extra info

Nuku Hiva improving flow, grammar

overdominance expand + table

miRNA minor, extra info

siRNA minor, extra info

RNAi minor, extra info

retrovirus minor, extra info. Deleted redundant article reverse transcribing virus

Running Room (company) minor, stats

Potrero Chico Expand + pictures

Rafflesia arnoldii improving flow

Sexual reproduction minor, picture

Serial Analysis of Gene Expression minor

SNP array minor

Solar power in the United States minor update stats

speciation minor

Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

sympatric speciation

Transgressive segregation new entry

Transformation (genetics) picture

Transport in the United Arab Emirates

Three-spined stickleback

University of British Columbia

454 Life Sciences minor

Mes contributions (en francais)[edit]

pollinisation. J'ai changé et rajouté une grosse partie à ce qui était déjà là.

mycorhizes. J'ai rajouté à la courte intro. Endomycorhize / Ectomycorhize Il y a encore du travail à faire.

afghanistan. Modification mineure.

culture in vitro.

Coregonus clupeaformis.

Corporation de Sécurité Garda World plus d'infos

Bombardier Inc. mineur, updates