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Java Software Architecture and Test
From OO Architecture over OO Test to Java System Landscape
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Java Software Architecture and Test[edit]

OO Basics
List of object-oriented programming terms
Class (computer science)
Object (computer science)
Instance (computer science)
Method (computer science)
Message passing
Inheritance (object-oriented programming)
Abstraction (computer science)
Encapsulation (object-oriented programming)
Subtype polymorphism
Decoupling (software development)
Interface (computer science)
Architectures & Architects
Software architecture
Software architect
Software quality
Software metric
Code smell
Duplicate code
The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two
UML & Architecture
Object-oriented analysis and design
Unified Modeling Language
OO Architectures
Multitier architecture
Service-oriented architecture
Web service
Representational State Transfer
Client-server model
Message Oriented Middleware
Enterprise Service Bus
Architekture Patterns
Architectural pattern (computer science)
Model View Controller
Dependency Injection
Model-driven architecture
Domain-driven design
Naked objects
Design Principles
Coupling (computer science)
Cohesion (computer science)
Solid (object-oriented design)
Single responsibility principle
Open/closed principle
Liskov substitution principle
Interface segregation principle
Dependency inversion principle
Law of Demeter
Design by contract
Testing in Object Orientation
Software quality assurance
Software testing
Software tester
Pair Testing
Black box testing
White box testing
Static testing
Code review
Software inspection
Software walkthrough
Oracle (software testing)
Test suite
Test case
Test script
Test driven development
System testing
System integration testing
Integration testing
Regression testing
Acceptance testing
Unit testing
Mock object
Jakarta Cactus
Java Basics
Java (programming language)
Java bytecode
Java Class Library
Java Virtual Machine
Java Development Kit
Java Runtime Environment
Java Plattform
Java Platform
Java Card
Java Platform, Micro Edition
Java Platform, Standard Edition
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
Java Tools
Integrated development environment
Eclipse (IDE)
IntelliJ IDEA
Revision control
Concurrent Versions System
Subversion (Software)
Apache Ant
Apache Maven
Continuous Integration
JAR (file format)
WAR (Sun file format)
Java Web Start
Java Server
Application server
Glassfish Application Server
Apache Geronimo
IBM WebSphere Application Server
Apache Tomcat
Java and Open Source
Open Source
Apache Software Foundation
Most Important Java Technologies
JavaServer Pages
JavaServer Faces
Swing (Java)
Standard Widget Toolkit
Java Native Interface
Apache POI
Remote Method Invocation
Java Message Service
Java Database Connectivity