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This template is for articles or sections that may take weeks or even month to fully construct, and that the user mostly interested in construction is working on the pages "a little at a time." If the article is undergoing temporary construction expected not to last more than a week or so, please use {{construction}}.

Articles tagged with this template are not automatically added to the category Category:Pages actively undergoing construction; for that function, use {{Under construction}}. Add the parameter placedby=YourUsername to make it easy for people to contact the person who placed the template.

As this template is used in multiple namespaces it uses {{mbox}}, which will automatically detect individual namespace usage and adapt appropriate styling accordingly.

See also[edit]

  • {{construction}}, for articles actively undergoing construction that may take several hours or days
  • {{hangon}}, to contest a speedy deletion tag
  • {{Underdiscussion}}, for a non main page undergoing active discussion on its talk page
  • {{Deletion under review}}, to prevent deletion nomination until the review process is complete
  • Wikipedia:Deletion of pages under construction, a essay urging not to list pages having Template:Underconstruction for deletion, unless they haven't been edited for a week or contain serious infractions.