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Here's a picture of me, on vacation, wearing a shirt from one of my favourite bands!

A little bit about the Seidenstud!

Hey there. I currently reside in Washington Heights, New York City, NY, USA.

I have recently learned that I speak New York–New Jersey English.[1] For me, the words bad and bat have distinctly different vowel sounds. Also, the word water sounds the way many Americans would say "wood-er." Putting the latter fact in writing for the first time makes me feel rather self-conscious and a bit freakish.

To contact me for any reason, you can either leave a message on my talk page, or you can simply email me!

My Wikiphilosophy[edit]

Like many Wikipedians, I believe that Wikipedia is an amazing project with great potential. However, I strongly believe that this potential is being significantly held back by lax compliance and enforcement of the Wikipedia policies of WP:V and, its partner, WP:OR.

The reason I see this as being a very significant problem is not solely a WP:NPOV issue, but an issue of accountability. Despite any disclaimers, people of all sorts - and for a multitude of types of endeavor - do use Wikipedia (and the multitude of sites republishing Wikipedia's content) as a quick, convenient reference.

Therefore, factual errors with no traceability can quickly enter into the collective understanding of a subject as it is republished and repeated ad infinitum in the digital world. As time extends, the proliferation of phantom facts will eviscerate the usability of this fine product.

My Personal Response[edit]

  • In any article, if I see an assertion of fact whose reliable source is not cited, I will tag it with the {{fact}} tag.
  • If possible, I will then make a reasonable effort to find a source.
  • If I cannot find a source, after an amount of time, I will delete the offending statement.
  • If I am unable to look for a source, I will leave the statement with the {{fact}} tag longer than if I look and cannot find anything.

That's pretty much it.

Just a Funny Anecdote[edit]

So, a friend of mine is a surely non-notable actor. And at one point, while talking to him, the name Wikipedia came up. I asked him, "Oh, you know what Wikipedia is?" He replied certainly: "Yeah, it's like IMDB; only on IMDB, they add you; on Wikipedia, you add yourself."

This page[edit]

What you are looking at is my user page, so feel free to edit and improve it to your heart's content!

I am trusting you not to do anything to this page that could be considered vandalism. That is, don't be like these people:

and, probably my favorite, so far:


Speaking of vandalism, if you want to help out with the anti-vandalism efforts here, here are some resources:

Or, for first-time offenders, you can use a more welcoming one:

  • Welcome/Warning Templates
  • Popups - a very good Wikipedia tool - that is particularly good for reverting vandalism.
  • WP:AIV - Administrator intervention against vandalism - When a vandal keeps vandalizing after warnings, report them here, so they may be blocked/banned/worse....

But, please, while on your quest to rid this great resource of vandalism, please remember, to always assume good faith! I can tell you from first-hand experience, it is very easy to neglect this....


The "Don't Click Here" Dept.[edit]

  • Helpful Things is simply a list of things I use on regular basis - but not regularly enough to be sure that I can remember their addresses every time. That's all it is.
  • My ToDo list - These things are on my radar for when I have some free time. If you'd like to take care of them for me, by all means....

Photos I've uploaded to Wikipedia[edit]

I am quite the novice, but I do enjoy taking photos with my Fuji FinePix F10 to upload for inclusion in various articles. (Some were taken for other reasons and later uploaded.) Here are a few:

  • Note: If you look carefully at the 168th St. subway photo, you'll notice that the signage is quite outdated, as the B train has not stopped there since 1998, and the 9 train has not existed since May 2005.

Other Pictures[edit]

Image:The Magic Numbers - NYC.jpg

Image:NYCS IND 8thAve 175thSt entrance.jpg

Image:NYCS IND 8thAve 175thSt Atrain.jpg

Image:William Kunstler and Gregory Lee Johnson.jpg

Image:Argenis Reyes.JPG

Image:Lenny Harris.JPG

Image:Emilio Bonifacio.JPG

Image:Manny Acta.JPG

Image:Luke Montz.JPG

Image:Elijah Dukes - 10 Sept 2008.JPG


  1. ^
    What American accent do you have?
    Your Result: The Northeast

    Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

    The Inland North
    The Midland
    The South
    The West
    North Central
    <a href="">What American accent do you have?</a>
    <a href="">Quiz Created on GoToQuiz</a>