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Version 0.7[edit]

"Weird Al" Yankovic to Alabama[edit]

Alain Prost to Anatomy[edit]

Ancient Egypt to Armenia[edit]

Armenian alphabet to Baghdad[edit]

Bahrain to Bengali language[edit]

Benin to Botswana[edit]

Bouvet Island to Cameroon[edit]

Canada to Cerebellum[edit]

Ceres (dwarf planet) to Classical mechanics[edit]

Classical music to Constitution of May 3, 1791[edit]

Continent to Death[edit]

Death Valley National Park to Duke University[edit]

Duns Scotus to Energy[edit]

Engineering to Felix the Cat[edit]

Ferdinand Magellan to Frankfurt am Main[edit]

Franklin D. Roosevelt to Georg Cantor[edit]

Georg Forster to Great Lakes[edit]

Great Purge to Hatshepsut[edit]

Havana to Hobby[edit]

Holodomor to Inca Empire[edit]

India to Ivan IV of Russia[edit]

Ivan Lendl to John Peel[edit]

John Rawls to Ku Klux Klan[edit]

Kuala Lumpur to Life[edit]

Light to Madagascar[edit]

Madison, Wisconsin to Marxism[edit]

Mary (mother of Jesus) to Mickey Mantle[edit]

Microorganism to Moscow[edit]

Moses to Nepal[edit]

Neptune to Northern Territory[edit]

Norway to Pacific Ocean[edit]

Painting to Philippines[edit]

Philosophy to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom[edit]

Prince Edward Island to Red Army[edit]

Red Sea to Root[edit]

Rosa Parks to Scouting[edit]

Sculpture to Simplified Chinese character[edit]

Simón Bolívar to Spider[edit]

Spirituality to Swan Lake[edit]

Swastika to Thalassemia[edit]

The Adventures of Tintin to Tijuana[edit]

Time to Turquoise[edit]

Turtle to Vienna[edit]

Vietnam to Western Australia[edit]

Western Front (World War I) to Ziad Jarrah[edit]

Zimbabwe to €2 commemorative coins[edit]