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About me[edit]

The flight deck of the Airbus A320 family aircraft.

I am an Airline Pilot (First Officer) flying the Airbus A320, Airbus A321 and Airbus A330 aircraft for a major UK airline. My interests are predominantly in Aviation and the Airline Industry, along with a passion for overseas travel. I am lucky to regularly fly to a variety of destinations as part of my job, predominantly across Europe, the Canary Islands, North Africa, North America and the Caribbean.

I have also recently discovered a new-found passion for cycling and spend much of my spare time (when not editing Wikipedia) exploring the beautiful countryside of South East England by bike, particularly along the North and South Downs. It is my intention to complete the London to Brighton Bike Ride in a semi-decent time in June 2010!

I live in Crawley, West Sussex in the United Kingdom, near London Gatwick Airport which is my usual base.

Wikipedia and me[edit]

I joined Wikipedia in October 2007 and have made over 9,000 contributions since then. Most of my edits and contributions relate to airport and airline articles, with a view to both accuracy and enhancement of information. I also occasionally contribute to other articles regarding aircraft, aviation accidents and other topics.

Aircraft types I have flown in[edit]

Aircraft Type As a pilot As a passenger
Airbus A319 NoN ☑Y
Airbus A320 ☑Y ☑Y
Airbus A321 ☑Y ☑Y
Airbus A330-200 ☑Y ☑Y
Airbus A330-300 ☑Y NoN
Airbus A340-300 NoN ☑Y
Airbus A340-600 NoN ☑Y
Beechcraft 1900 NoN ☑Y
Beechcraft BE-24 Sierra ☑Y NoN
Boeing 737-200 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 737-300 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 737-400 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 737-500 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 737-700 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 737-800 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 747-300 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 747-400 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 757-200 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 767-200 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 767-300 NoN ☑Y
Boeing 777-200 NoN ☑Y
Bombardier Dash 8-300 NoN ☑Y
Bombardier Dash 8-400 NoN ☑Y
Cessna 152 ☑Y NoN
Cessna 172 ☑Y NoN
Embraer ERJ 145 NoN ☑Y
Fokker 50 NoN ☑Y
Fokker 100 NoN ☑Y
Gulfstream GA-7 Cougar ☑Y NoN
Lockheed L-1011 NoN ☑Y
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 NoN ☑Y
McDonnell Douglas DC-10 NoN ☑Y
Piper PA-28 Archer ☑Y NoN
Piper PA-28 Warrior ☑Y NoN
Piper PA-28R Arrow ☑Y NoN
Piper PA-34 Seneca ☑Y NoN
Piper PA-38 Tomahawk ☑Y NoN