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Zitat: "Wer die meisten Ärsche küsst, gewinnt einen freien Toyota."

  • Bob: Es könnte, es sollte, es hätte... Wir vermuten... Wir glauben... Wir glauben nicht... Wir sind uns ziemlich sicher...
  • Alice: Vielleicht hätte man das beizeiten feststellen sollen.
  • "Contrary to common belief"

  • Classic: Dropping the Pilot
  • Classic: Robert Sapolsky: menstruating (klingelts?), having a brain tumor, eating a lot of junk food, taking anabolic steroids: all four have something in common: all of these have been used in courts of law to successfully explain the behavior of murder (Twinkie defense)
  • Classic: Chewbacca defense

  • Caesar could have evicted his enemies and give the premises to his veterans; instead he send his veterans to Pannonia (Roman province) and intended to sanitize the roman society (slaves were doing much of the work, Roman citizens were unemployed) against the will of his enemies, which formed the great portions of the senate and own much of the land upon which slaves did the work

Cache coherency[edit]

HSA "2.0": hUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access)", i.e. adding shared pointers, a bi-directional coherent memory model, and page-able memory

  • Xlib
  • X.Org Server shall die: Wayland Weston is the reference implementation of a wayland compositor. Mutter and KWin will become wayland compositors