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Current game cover.
Developer(s) Wicked Witch Software
Publisher(s) Tru Blu Entertainment
Series AFL
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

AFL Wii[edit]

AFL Wii is an upcoming video game on the Nintendo Wii about Australian Rules Football and its professional league the Australian Football League. The title is currently in development by Wicked Witch Software and is going to be published by Tru Blu Entertainment, an Australian Publisher.[1] The title appears to be the sister title of AFL Live in development for the PS3, XBox 360 and PC by Big Ant Studios who are working for the same publisher. Most information available to date on this title is on the Big Footy website and forum and has been posted by staff from Wicked Witch Software.[2] The game may be released around the same time as the Big Ant titles.


Australian Rules Football is a ball game played across Australia which has a major professional league and has been the subject of multiple video games. In 2009 Big Ant Studios announced they were working on an AFL game for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in conjunction with Tru Blu Entertainment, their publisher. In subsequent interviews the CEO of Big Ant Studios mentioned that a Nintendo Wii title was also in the works.[3]

Wicked Witch Software, a small, independent Australian Game Developer had in the past also worked for Tru Blu Entertainment on AFL titles such as AFL Challenge on the PlayStation Portable and AFL Mascot Manor (video game) on the Nintendo DS. In 2011 they announced through at least 2 sources that they were developing the AFL Wii title. Additionally a JB Hifi advertisement in December 2010 showed a cover for an upcoming AFL Wii title which was later confirmed to be the official cover.[2][1][4]

The previous AFL title by Wicked Witch Software recieved some unfavourable reviews and was raised during public discussions with Wicked Witch Staff due to their role on AFL for the Wii. Their representative explained that the title was only given a small budget and was intended to be a 2D game and that the titles are not related to each other, asides from covering the same subject matter.[2]


Gameplay revolves around the on field game of Australian Rules and off field team management. Team management appears to focus on coaching, recruiting, tribunal and budget while the on field gameplay covers the actual game of Australian Rules Football. The game has more arcade elements then the Big Ant version but still maintained a fair amount of simulation and options to set the level of this. On screen meters can also be turned on and off.

The game supports 3 controller types; The standard WiiMote, the WiiMote with the Nunchuck and the Game Cube Controller. Wicked Witch stated that the controls are intuitive but can take time to learn. WiiMote shaking is used to successfully tackle or break a tackle. There are 4 types of kicks including Drop Punts, Torpedoes, Snaps and Check Sides or Grubbers but only 1 type of handball which increases in elevation depending on power. [2]


The game will have 16 stadium, 5 different Australian Rules leagues and over 70 teams. Some content was omitted due to time, licensing and/or budget constraints such as the upcoming AFL team the GWS Giants and an Under 18's league. There was some cooperation between Wicked Witch and Big Ant on content. Commentating is provided by Dennis Cometti and Brian Taylor. Due to licencing restrictions there are no former players.[2]


Multiplayer supports up to 8 players but does not include online gameplay. Players can drop in and out of a career game.[2]


Career mode includes management of a team as well as a focus on an individual player on that team. However dedicated management / individual player modes are not intended for this release. The career mode can span 10 seasons and is lost when the player is sacked by the teams board. New players for a team need to be scouted and drafted and older players will retire.[2]


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