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Okay, first the name, Serak: It's a corruption of Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador from the Star Trek series. When I first got onto the internet, Sarek was already being used by someone else on Yahoo!, so my guts felt it was time for a vowel movement (hee,hee).

Little did I know, an internet search for "Serak" results in 'The Simpsons' TV show, Indian martial arts, and even Hawaiian vertebrates. Guess it's hard to come up with something truly unique.

General Information[edit]

I won the Nobel Prize in Transcendental Economics for the year 2000! The votes were counted, and re-counted, by an official known only as "Mr. Chad" who lives in Florida.

The most ironic thing occurred in 1983 at the airport in Tokyo, Japan: Watching Spider-Man cartoons on TV, dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles! Wierd!.

I think this Wikipedia idea is one of the best things to come around in a long time!

Presently located in Tulsa,Oklahoma and have lived in Austin, Texas, Martinsburg, West Virginia, Houston, Texas area (twice), and even just outside of Seoul, South Korea.

Right now, you'll find most of my contributions are related to music. I've been playing Flamenco and Classical guitar for about..(mumble,mumble)..years. I've even had a lesson or two from the flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford when he used to live in Tulsa.

Have recently started learning to play piano (well, MIDI organ). Playing classical/flamenco guitar hasn't been much help with right-left hand coordination. Reading Treble and Bass clef at the same time? Yech!

It seems, a whole new generation has discovered "Tolkien is Hobbit forming!"... Frodo Lives! Poor Bilbo isn't getting much attention anymore.

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Not-So-Useful, but fun anyway[edit]

  • Pentomino If you like jigsaw puzzles, try putting these 12 pieces together!
  • Dave Barry website After all the serious, factual stuff in Wikipedia, this is a nice break.
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