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Levi9 Global Sourcing
Industry Software Engineering
Founded 2001
Headquarters Amsterdam
Key people
Menno de Jong, Paul Mol and Bernhard van Oranje
Number of employees
over 400
Website Official website

Levi9 Global Sourcing is Nearshore IT services provider headquartered in the Amsterdam. The company runs development and maintenance centers in Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey and Romania and offices in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Levi9 provides software application development, re-engineering, implementation, testing and support services.

Technology focus[edit]


The company was founded in 2001 by Menno de Jong, Paul Mol and Prince Bernhard of Orange[3], who along with Board of Advisers: Adrie Reinders, Willem Vermeend and Roel Pieper are industry and academic leaders whose knowledge and experience in IT industry helped company to progress in the fast growing and competitive market of offshore IT services.

  • Bernhard van Oranje and Menno de Jong are founders of multiple companies including Clockwork, that was sold to Ordina.
  • Peter Sminia – Former Director of worldwide support Extreme Networks
  • Willem Vermeend: Former Minister of Social Affairs, Board of VNO-NCW
  • Roel Pieper, prior to Levi9 he was a Senior Vice President of Strategy at Philips N.V. and CEO of Tandem Computers Inc. He started his software career at Software AG where he spent 10 years in the US and Germany during which time he became Chief Technology Officer of the company.
  • Gijs de Rooij – also worked at Philips Medical Systems and Booz Allen Hamilton

Nearshore Concept[edit]

Levi9 Global Sourcing applied Nearshore concept as an alternative to "traditional" offshore outsourcing model. Nearshore outsourcing is a derivative of the business term “offshore outsourcing”, in which various business processes are relocated to foreign, lower-wage countries that is relatively close in distance and time zone than more traditional offshore locations.

The general idea of the Nearshore concept is to reduce the complexity and risks associated with remoteness between customer and provider in “traditional” offshore model and to leverage proximity of the Nearshore destinations with fewer language and cultural barriers and no time zone differences.


Levi9 Global Sourcing in conjunction with Ricoh, Research In Motion, Metri Measurement Consulting and CIO Magazine organizes one of the popular high-profile Networking IT events in The Netherlands - The Double Dutch events.[4]


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