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Hello my name is Seth, I am also know as

What I do on this here wiki[edit]

I got started editing here, by creating the Billy Mays page. Recently I have made a effort to work on the wiki a little every day. I made the Ice Road Truckers page, worked a bit on the Lucky Strike page and worked on some Album and Band pages. I am a member of wi As you can see, I like to work on pages that I find amusing. I am a bad writer, so I work more on formating, citing and removing junk but I hope working on the wiki helps my writing skills. Finally it worth noting I read the wiki for a few hours a day and have done so since 2005

Some contribution[edit]

About Myself[edit]

I spend allot of time on Freenode and enjoy *nix like Operating Systems. I am an Anarchist, enough said there. I am a Computer Science major who works in the college library during the semester. I dislike allot of things including


Posted by in my "About Me" Section. I think it was an "Anarcho" Capitalist, who is jealous because I am the real deal

I also spend way too much time being irrational and disputing the neutrality of things that have no concern with me whatsoever. It is part of my philosophy to bring that kind of third party neutrality into articles that I have had no background research in, that way I can label that article biased and dismiss it of any valuable information that it might hold, therefore, in that act itself, promoting my selfish anarchist agenda to promote general disarray and impede the progression of a well intended society. I am lonely and suicidal.

Magic Number Suckas[edit]

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0