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n. severance:

1. a. the act or process of severing; b. the condition of being severed
2. separation; partition
3. severance pay

Severence: the one who facilitates doling out what people deserve; me

Stats you probably don't care about[edit]

Gender: XY

Born on date: July 27, 1982, in Painesville, Ohio

Age: look above, if you know math that should be a clue

Ethnicity: Caucasian, see below for more details

Natural hair color: dark brown

Previous hair colors: midnight blue; mint(the midnight blue faded into this color); bleach blonde; my natural dark brown + red (I was hammered and let some girls in college dye my hair without bleaching first, the red barely showed up); natural with blonde tips/streaks

Natural Iris color: according to a lot of people some of the bluest eyes they've ever seen Perry, Ohio, USA

Religious Affiliation: Complicated, see below

Political Affliiation: Independent (when I register again)

Current Occupation: Customer service whore

Future Occupation: Owner of a video game development company that I hope to eventually establish, as well as a Game Designer for said development company. More specifically, I want to be involved in the writing aspect of design rather than level design or other areas - storylines and character concepts, for example. I'm also interested in maybe getting into programming again so I might be able to be a Game Programmer as well as a designer for the previously mentioned company, though designing and programming all at once for one person may be a bit too ambitious; if there's anyone that could pull it off though, it'd probably be me. Also, if possible I would like to own my own game publishing company to avoid some problems that may arise from dealing with an outside publisher.

Edumacation: HS grad, some college & tech school → I plan to return to school sometime in the relatively near future now that I have a fairly clear idea of what I really want to do

Certifications: CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

Computer-related abilities/skills/whatnot


  • Taught myself (and subsequently over the years forgot how) to program in QBASIC
  • Taught myself to program in HTML (I know it's really a markup language but I'm listing it here anyway; I'd say I'm somewhere between intermediate and advanced level)
  • Learned very-limited programming skills in C++ while attending a tech school (they only taught us how to program 16-bit console applications, and not very well either - half of our graduating class failed the class the first time through)
  • In the beginning stages of teaching myself how to program in DirectX, Flash, Java, OpenGL, and Perl, and I would love to learn to program in Assembly

And as long as I'm on the topic of programming, in high school I taught myself how to program on my TI-83 calculator (only text-based progging though, no graphics) and created 2 programs. One was a text-based game based on an internet game I found on a college website years ago called Beat A Seal, where there was a picture of a baby seal on the right side of the screen and depending on what answers you gave the game would mangle the seal in different ways, eventually killing the seal; it was damn funny so I made a text-based "choose your own adventure" type game where you'd choose to attack a seal with different weapons and once it had enough life gone you could choose one of 6 different endings depending on what weapon you wanted to kill it with or if you wanted to let it live. It was some good stuff. The other program I created was one that I started while taking Algebra II and finished in Precalculus. This program was a formula database program that had nearly every formula you could ever want to have relating to Advanced Algebra to Precalculus-level math. I set it up that the program had a fully functional menu-driven interface where you'd choose the formula you wished to use, the program would display the formula, ask you what each variable was equal to, and would display the correct answer on the screen. Since both classes required you had to use a graphing calculator, tests included, this program became not only a good study tool since it showed you the formula and how to work it out but also the perfect test cheat program since it would always give the correct answer and even if you didn't know the formula you just had to select the right one on the menu and the program would do the work for you. I became a minor hero for making that program. In fact, to this day I think it's still floating around the school even though TI-83s are outdated, and I created it back in 1998 or 1999.

Other stuff[edit]

I'm smart like a tack. Well, not really. Actually I'm, if I remember right, within the top 1-2% smartest worldwide regarding IQ. I haven't had my IQ tested since I was 8-10 but back when I was in that age range I was estimated at having an IQ of 152. I'm sure it's gone up and down since then but I'm assuming if I'd get tested again today I'd fall somewhere in the 140+ range. I do know that if I were to take the test required to be accepted into MENSA I'd have no trouble with it (I've taken an unofficial pre-test that's supposedly about the same difficulty as the real test and passed it with flying colors), I just don't feel the need to have to pay money to belong to an organization comprised mainly of people who are probably as stimulating as a pop tart. On the other hand, it would be cool to actually be able to claim I was a member of MENSA and just not go to any meetings or anything.

I also happen to be cursed with being quite possibly the nicest guy on the planet. I can't help it, I'm just not able to be a true asshole for any extended period of time. This, quite obviously, has its drawbacks.

Ethnic Background

I'm a mutt. I'm mainly of Czech descent, but I'm also part English, Scottish, Welsh, German, Yugoslavian(I think), and Cherokee Native American. There may be others I don't know of or I'm forgetfully leaving out, but that's the bulk of it. Also I'm a direct decendant of Johnny Appleseed, a.k.a. John Chapman, so I'm like a distant 9th cousin or something of John Wayne. No really. Apparently a great-great-great-great-great grandmother or something of mine was also the wife of the chief of the Cherokee nation or at least a region of it or something along those lines too. No really, that too. My grandmother's big into our family genealogy and has been researching it for a while and this stuff came up. Come to think of it actually I should ask her about all this again just so I know, could be interesting.

Religious Affiliation

As far as my religious affiliation goes I don't have any. I've been exposed to many different religions and practices. My dad's side of the family, including my grandparents, 6 surviving aunts/uncles and 16 grandkids including myself and my brother, is Roman Catholic. My mom's side is...well a mix kind of. My grandmother's a member of a Quaker denomination, my stepgrandfather was...actually I'm not exactly sure what he was, and my 3 uncles are all Christians of some sort. My mom's dabbled in or at least studied a bunch of stuff in comparative religions classes; Catholicism, Methodism, Baptism, Buddhism, and Hinduism included. My former stepdad is Methodist, while my mom was married to him we'd occasionally go to a Methodist church or for a little while a Baptist church. Aside from my family I've had friends and acquaintances who've been involved in all of those as well as things like Judaism, Satanism, Paganism, the Occult and craft, Atheism, and Agnosticism.

My main experience lies in Catholicism since my brother and I used to go with my dad's side of the fam, or at least him and my grandparents, to church every other Sunday when my dad had us for weekend visitation. Now my dad's not exactly the most religious guy but he'd went to church since he was a kid, went through the whole process, and still went to church for a while when I was a kid. My grandparents were regular church-goers for basically as long as I can remember, but now that they've moved to the East Coast I don't know if they go anymore. I was baptised when I was a baby - big deal, I had to wear a little white dress and got a little wet. When I was 7 I did the whole first communion thing. I had to go through PSR for that shit, even when I was 6-7 eventually it bored me, but I did it because my dad said I had to. I got as far as the very beginning of the confirmation process before I decided that I wasn't going to go any farther. I wasn't doing it because I wanted to, I was doing it because my dad and grandparents wanted me to, so I quit. Also, it didn't hurt that there was someone from my high school that I didn't get along with in the same confirmation class. I pissed my dad off when I told him I was quitting but he got over it. That was around 7-10 years ago now, and thank fucking god I got out when I did. I honestly could give a rat's ass about the Catholic church now.

Long story short after all of the exposure and dabbling I've experienced so far I've come to realize I'm basically Agnostic, more specifically I'm somewhere between being an Apathetic Agnostic and an Agnostic Atheist. I won't commit to the belief or non-belief or any deity or deity-type being, though my best educated (note: common sense) guess is that there isn't any, but regardless of whether there is or not I don't much care, not to mention that there's just no way to tell as of right now. There are, however, things I've personally seen/heard/thought of that just can't be explained. So anyway there may be, there may not be, who the hell knows for sure. What I do know is even if there is such a being out there, I'm fairly certain that I don't need to walk into a manmade structure at a certain time of day and perform a certain specific ritualistic prayer ceremony, eat symbolic crackers, and drink symbolic wine, all just to adhere to some rules that may or may not be what were originally passed down from a deity since the book the religion regards as holy was written, translated, edited, repeat, over a period of 2000+ years by humans who historically love to embellish facts and stories. If this deity is as omnipotent and powerful as their followers claim I'm going out on a limb and guessing that if I were to decide I wanted to talk to it, no matter where I was, I'm pretty sure it would hear me, even if it was while I was in my house on the toilet.

Going along with all of that above, I think that organized religion, Christianity included/especially, is corrupt beyond belief. With religious leaders like priests doing things like molesting little boys and stealing from collection plates to buy themselves $50,000 Escalades, not to mention the organization as a whole generally not willing to even consider discussion on various subjects, I'd find it very hard in good conscience to call myself a satisfied member of such an organization. Organized religion is, at best, old men with older ideas, unwilling to compromise, who believe that what they believe is right above all else because they have divine guidance or somesuch, when the reality is that every religion was probably based on one of two main points when first established: overall betterment of self or exerting control over the masses.


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I could go on and on and on here, but I'll try to at least keep it organized. My favorite pasttime is basically two things: computers and video games. I'm a big fan of music, though the same can't be said for the RIAA. Reading books is another thing that I like doing whenever possible, regardless of what it is, really. I'm also into anime, though obviously some shows/movies are superior to others. I'll get more in depth with all this below.


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Video Games[edit]

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Currently Playing:

  • Dragon Quest VIII - I'm almost finished with it, but it's sitting on the back burner
  • Final Fantasy X - close to the end, gathering up monsters, ultimate weps, only a few plot lines to tie up... also sitting on the back burner currently
  • World of Warcraft w/BC Collector's Edition - Thunderhorn server, Horde only tyvm
  • Rogue Galaxy - got a copy of this game for free due to a perk of being employed at my current jobbie; I am thoroughly enjoying this game thus far, even though there are a few aspects that I'm slightly disappointed with


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Click here to view the Books section.

Currently Reading: The Path of Daggers from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, probably about 1/5 of the way in.


Click here to view the Movies section.

Last Watched: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters - The first 5 minutes of the movie was worth the $8.50, by far the fucking funniest movie intro I've ever seen. The entire theater was laughing to the point of tears. If you've never seen ATHF before I suggest watching some episodes before you see the movie, otherwise you probably won't get most of it, thereby ruining the entire comedic value of the series for yourself forever... from thousands of years ago.


Click here to view the Anime section.

Last Watched: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - for the first time in English and minus subs, might I add. The English VO work wasn't atrocious so I was happy with the way that turned out. The movie on the whole... kind of. I still believe Final Fantasy 7-2 as a game would've been a much more interesting sequel, and the movie itself, while I did enjoy it, left something to be desired. I liked the new characters, the plot I thought was ok, but I felt there was just something missing, I can't really put my finger on it, I guess.

Article Milestones[edit]

The following is a milestone list of articles I've contributed to in some way, whether I created them or just edited them. This list excludes sandboxes or my own user page.

1st Article: Talk:Character_development

1st Template: {{User:UBX/Skunk}}

Articles I plan on creating/editing[edit]


Character_development: should be changed to Character_growth(video_game_gameplay) and this article should instead be turned into a disambiguation page


My Myspace page

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Red vs. Blue

teh IGDA


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