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About me[edit]

Severity One is the nickname of Peter Korsten. It originates from an extremely frustrating, eighteen months long employment with British Telecom in Amsterdam.

The same nickname is the reason that I got married to a Maltese, and now live in Malta. Via ICQ random chat we started talking, because my nickname intrigued her. One thing led to another, and in December 2001, less than a year and a half after we first met face to face, we were married. At the wedding, among those present were - apart from the usual family, friends and colleagues - many friends and acquaintances of my father-in-law: the the president Guido de Marco, the then prime minister and current president Eddie Fenech Adami, leader of the opposition Alfred Sant, the chief justice and some other ministers.

On the 27th of februari, 2003, our son Jean-Luc was born.

Education and employment[edit]

After having completed the |VWO at the Philips van Horne Association of Schools with reasonably good results, things went wrong at the Eindhoven University of Technology and, after that, at the Hogeschool Eindhoven. In the early nineties, I spent most of my time at the computer club Stack, playing with Unix and the Internet. When, a few years later, the World Wide Web gained massive popularity, I made that my work. At the moment, I build primarily distributed systems on the Java platform, but once in a while I use Perl, scripts and C/C++.