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Finance and banking[edit]

Security (finance)
Bond (finance)
Collective investment scheme
Derivative (finance)
Structured finance
Agency security
Financial market
Stock market
Futures exchange
Foreign exchange market
Commodity market
Spot market
Over-the-counter (finance)
Fixed rate bond
Floating rate note
Zero-coupon bond
Inflation-indexed bond
Commercial paper
Perpetual bond
Corporate bond
Government bond
Municipal bond
Equity (finance)
Share (finance)
Initial public offering
Short (finance)
Mutual fund
Index fund
Exchange-traded fund
Closed-end fund
Segregated fund
Hedge fund
Asset-backed security
Mortgage-backed security
Subprime mortgage crisis
Commercial mortgage-backed security
Residential mortgage-backed security
Collateralized debt obligation
Collateralized fund obligation
Collateralized mortgage obligation
Credit-linked note
Unsecured debt
Option (finance)
Warrant (finance)
Futures contract
Forward contract
Swap (finance)
Credit derivative
Hybrid security
Financial instrument
Corporate finance
Working capital
Capital budgeting
Financial regulation
Economic history
United States
Credit risk
Market liquidity
Hedge (finance)
Stock exchange
Financial institution
International financial institutions
Credit union
Financial economics
Non-bank financial institution
Asset management
Investment management
Global assets under management
High-net-worth individual
Pension fund
Real estate
Foreign-exchange reserves
Sovereign wealth fund
Private equity
Real estate investment trust