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James Underdown
James Underdown.jpg
Jim Underdown at his desk at CFI Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA
Born James Underdown
(1960-10-09) October 9, 1960 (age 55)
Chicago, IL
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Education B.A. in English
Alma mater DePauw University
Occupation Executive Director of CFI Los Angeles, Founder of IIG
Religion Secular humanist

James Underdown has been the executive director of The Center for Inquiry CFI Los Angeles since 1999. The Center for Inquiry is a non-profit educational organization with headquarters in Amherst, NY, whose primary mission is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. CFI Los Angeles is the largest branch in the organization outside Amherst.

Underdown founded the Independent Investigations Group IIG , a volunteer-based organization, in January 2000 at the Center for Inquiry-West (now Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles) in Hollywood, California. The IIG investigates fringe science, paranormal and extraordinary claims from a rational, scientific viewpoint, and disseminates factual information about such inquiries to the public. There are Independent Investigation Groups in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Denver, and Alberta, Canada. Altogether, the Independent Investigations Groups are the largest paranormal investigations team in the world.

The IIG offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove paranormal or supernatural ability under test conditions, and has in the past administered preliminary demonstrations for the James Randi Educational Foundation JREF's $1,000,000 Paranormal Challenge.[1] [2] No one has ever come close to winning the $50,000 Paranormal Challenge.

Underdown is a 1982 graduate of DePauw University in Greencastle, IN, where he received his B.A. in English with an emphasis in composition. He was also the starting defensive end for the DePauw Tiger football team which recorded a 9-1 record in 1981.

Between 1982 and 1999, in an effort to gain life experience, he explored occupations as a school teacher, truck driver, painter, limo driver, hotel clerk, furniture mover, football coach, carpenter, and bouncer. During this period, James declared himself Poet Laureate of Calumet City, IL, and began touring Midwest comedy clubs as Jim U-Boat, a moniker from high school. He worked as a stand-up comedian from 1988 - 1993.

An excerpt of Underdown's "Owed (sic) to Calumet City" might explain why Calumet City's mayor stated ``First of all, he`s a lousy poet,`` said Mayor Robert Stefaniak after sampling Underdown`s oeuvre. ``It`s kind of cruddy, if you ask me. Second of all, I don`t know this man at all. He is not recognized by this community, and we don`t want to have anything to do with him.``

On Gary Landfill

"Live as you will on Gary Landfill

In Hegewisch, or below us in Lansing.

To you it`s a pity that Calumet City

Has the area`s only nude dancing."[3]

Notable shows Underdown performed in during the late 1980s/early 1990s include the Serious Art Comedy Show at the Roxy (Chicago), "The Best of Blue Collar Art" at the Elbo Room (Chicago), and "Mr. Saigon" also at the Elbo Room which featured Matt Walsh and Matt Besser of the Upright Citizen's Brigade.[4]

After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, Underdown taught comedy traffic school for the Improv Traffic School, and worked as a carpenter until joining the Center for Inquiry in May of 1999. During his time in Los Angeles, He wrote and directed 2 short films: A Day in the Life of Frank Sinatra, a docushort about a homeless man with a famous name, and Dear Father, a black comedy about a priest who gets a letter from a man he molested 20 years before. He also wrote and directed a one-act play called Party of 13, a secular retelling of the Last Supper. Party of 13 has run 3 times in Los Angeles. He is also the host and creator of "The Peep Show", a humorous roundtable discussion that ran for 2 dozen episodes on public access TV in the mid-1990s.

Underdown created the Steve Allen Theater in 2002 and hired Amit Itelman to be its artistic director soon after. According to the NY Times, "...the Steve Allen Theater is not just any is known for its willingness to embrace controversy. (In June -- 6/6/06 to be exact -- it held a Satanic High Mass for leather and tuxedo-clad devil-worshippers.)"[5]

James is lead singer of "The Heathens", a rock and roll band dedicated to freethought and skeptical themes. Band members include lead guitarist and musical director Craig Else, keyboardist Dino Herrmann, bassist Joel Pelletier, and drummer John E. Skaare. The Heathens have played at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, CA, and at Patriot Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

In the '80s, Underdown was also a regular guest vocalist with "Decades" a Chicago-based band led by Mike Arturi, the current drummer for The Lovin' Spoonful, who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. James was also the lead singer for the "Jam Knights" a bar band in the Chicago area.

Underdown has appeared in a number of low budget feature films, including as a policeman in the 2011 feature film "High Road" and as himself in the 2007 comedic documentary "Super High Me".[6]

UFoto at TAM9 What you want to show in image
How it is done
IIG founder James Underdown with early members of the group, Brian Hart, Milt Timmons & Sherri Andrews, celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IIG, August 21, 2010

James Underdown in the Media[edit]

  • Using only invisible thread, a very long pole and a Mr. Coffee pot lid Jim Underdown shows the audience at JREF, The Amaz!ing Meeting: TAM9 From Outer Space how to fake their own UFO photographs.[7]
  • Underdown also appeared on "Bullshit" in the Season 2 episode on Yoga and Tantric Sex. Here he scams the Tarot Card readers by changing his appearance and behavior.[10]
  • James has appeared on History's Mysteries, Proof Positive, The WGN Morning Show, 1000 Ways to Lie, Hannity and Colmes, Angels vs. Demons, Life and Times, Midday L.A. and other shows.
  • Are there similarities between the paranormal claims people make today and the miracles found in the bible? Paranormal investigator and founder of the Independent Investigations Group James Underdown takes a look at 5 miracles in the bible and relates them to real-life paranormal investigations at ReasonFest May 2011.[11] [12]
  • James Underdown does an experiment for "Miracle Detective" Oprah Winfrey Network which replicates exactly the angelic apparition that people claim cured a 14 year old severely disabled child at Presbyterian Hemby Childrens Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. The "angel" was sunlight from a hidden window, and the little girl is still severely handicapped.[13]


  • "State Sponsored Quackery" Article in the November/December 2009 issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine. Owen Hammer & James Underdown report on the IIG's on-going investigation into California nursing standards concerning teaching therapeutic touch as continuing education units (CEUs).[15]
  • "Mother (Nature) Dearest" OpEd in the August/September issue of Free Inquiry magazine. Can three hardcore atheists have a spiritual experience while hiking into the Grand Canyon?
  • "The Evolution of Thought" OpEd in Spring 2001 issue of Free Inquiry magazine. Is secularism making progress? Seen through the lens of history, yes, it is![16]
  • "Nonsectarian Prayer is Oxymoronic" OpEd in Daily Breeze newspaper, July 20th, 2000. How can the act of praying be nonsectarian when it assumes a religious perspective?
  • He also contributed to The Chicago Reader's December "Year in Review" issues in 1995 and 1998.
  • He is also a regular on Bear Down: The Chicago Bears Podcast as Jim U-Boat and Fireman Pete.[27]
  • James Underdown once wrestled Victor the Wrestling Bear at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. Victor was there with trainer Tuffy Truesdale as a part of the Outdoors and Sportsman's Show. Underdown was one of the few challengers who knocked Victor to the mat, though the bear eventually won the match.
James Underdown being interviewed during a shoot for Discovery Channel's Weird or What? Mind Control War August 2010.


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