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Up (2009)[edit]

Up (2009 film) is CGI generated movie produced by Disney's Pixar and released on May 29, 2009


Pete Docter describes the plot of the movie as "coming-of-age" story about a "unfinished love story" between Carl and his recently passed away wife. When his house is supposed to be taken away, he escapes the outside world by tying balloons filled with with helium to it and setting off to South America. He wants to fulfill his passed away wife’s dream to see the mountains of South America, that she never had a chance to see that’s why Peter Docter characterizes the movie as the story about the “unfinished business of dealing with that” and this special image as the emotiaonal and weirdly poetical “cornerstone of the film”. When the house soars up in the sky a 9-year-old boy named Russel boy becomes involved in the story. He is a Boy Scout who wants to earn his “Help the Elderly” badge and is standing beside the house door when the house lefts off. For Pete Docter this assignment indicates that the boy has to deal with unfinished business, too, and that this is similar to Carl's own situation and his mood. When the house lands they fight monsters and villains together thus united in their attempt to tackle the problem of unfinished business and unfulfilled promises and to overcome it. Pete Docter says they end up needing each other and helping to finish each other's business. [1]

Jim Morris, the producer of Wall-e, explains the overwhelming success of Pixar films as due to an “auteuer approach”. Their specific characteristic trait is that their originate from one single artist and are not “committee sanitized”, this original vision is then supported by contributions from several other artists. The other Wall-e producer Lindsey Collins underlines the importance of great directors and great stories as well as the importance of a producer, who supports their individual and artistic approach. Both of them confirm their love for the new Pixar feature “Up (2009 film)”. Lindsey says that she hopes that the audience will recognize the potential of the film when seeing the clips. Jim Morris says that in comparison to Wall-e “Up” is a film that is easier to make and easier in the reception for the audience because it is emotional, funny and charming. [2]


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