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    Pet ideas[edit]

    Semantic markup. Some values, notably the CAS reference numbers and SMILES structural representations in chemistry (and many, many other such codes) should be marked in HTML code by their meaning. An experimental way with the SMILES and CASREF templates is suggested; the value in question is entered via the template, and the template wraps it into a <span class="valueVALUENAME">value<span>, which then allows seamless processing of the value by client-side javascript, either via Greasemonkey-style extension, or via scripts included via user styles.

    Getting WP to allow inserting XML objects directly into the text would be nice - direct inserting of simple SVG images and diagrams is the obvious application. An online editor for simple images, perhaps as a Java applet, would be a logical extension.

    Update: Wikimedia Commons supports SVG. Not as inline, but still good enough for most purposes.

    3D objects could be then represented as VRML objects. Lack of VRML (or equivalent) support in Wikimedia is noticeable.

    This can be extended to chemical formulas. Showing formulas as bitmap images is grossly suboptimal, as they could be stored as eg. .mol files or their XML form. Ideally, both a bitmap image of the formula and a 3D VRML model of the molecule could be generated from the file. Again, online java editor would be a nice tool for this. As a further improvement, the molecular models could be indexed in a special way and allow search for parts of molecules (eg. "find everything that contains indole skeleton"). SMILES could be leveraged here.

    The relations between the objects the pages are could be represented and handled automatically using CycL; the OpenCyc[1] framework could do a good job here.

    Sane system for handling geographical locations; this is actually already being worked on, as Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

    A subset of pages I started[edit]

    low density polyethylene; high density polyethylene; linear low density polyethylene; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene; delamination; law enforcement agency; secure telephone; paper shredder (moved from Shredder (device)); IMSI-catcher; timing advance; forensic identification; small-arms protective insert; voucher privatization; leaderless resistance; passenger airline; corrosion inhibitor; signal lamp; Red Star (Pern); butyl rubber; ferroelectric RAM; latchup; recombination (physics); neutron-induced swelling; overvoltage; trisil; California v. Greenwood; hydrogen embrittlement; sulphide stress cracking; superalloy; gunmetal; staballoy; flag (computing); citation (police); indium gallium phosphide; indium gallium arsenide; slapper detonator; oxyliquit; saturation (magnetic); transformer oil; Slim Jim (antenna); reflector (antenna); discone antenna; Buchholz relay; alpharetrovirus; betaretrovirus; gammaretrovirus; deltaretrovirus; epsilonretrovirus; lentivirus; spumavirus; diethylene glycol; sodium ferulate; polyhexafluoropropylene oxide; cascode; maltitol; ANCHORY; mule (smuggling); Jack Jumper ants; iodometry; chemical oxygen generator; organic peroxide; flash fire; trigatron; walkout; red plague; red plague (corrosion); purple plague; purple plague (intermetallic); white plague; white plague (intermetallic); corn-fed; isotopic signature; malate; hot particle; fuel fleas; isotopic signature; subbase (pavement); soil cement; California Bearing Ratio; antistatic agent; smoldering; matrix protein; M1 protein; M2 protein; sodium percarbonate; sodium perborate; tetra acetyl ethylene diamine; ion mobility spectrometer; DMDNB; ethylene glycol dinitrate; montan wax; ouricury wax; flour bleaching agent; flour treatment agent; candelilla wax; natural gum; glazing agent; gelling agent; firming agent; sequestrant; packaging gas; azodicarbonamide; Blibber-Blubber; isobutyl nitrite; tromantadine; panthenol; CDI; chiral column chromatography; dielectric mirror; cocamidopropyl betaine; tall oil; resin soap; pimaric acid; plicatic acid; silicon alkoxide; ethylene diamine; diethylene triamine; triethylene tetramine; polyethylene amine; benzylbutylphthalate; bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate; indigotine; indican; Patent Blue V; bile acid; glycocholic acid; chenodeoxycholic acid; bourrelet; polyAPTAC; polyAMPS; Pentacene; Rubrene; 9,10-Diphenylanthracene; Tetracene; Zircaloy; Molecular laser isotope separation; Chemical oxygen iodine laser; Hydrogen fluoride laser; Chemical laser; Crystal violet lactone; Leuco dye; 1,1-Dichloroethane; OpenMG; Far-infrared laser; Bromoacetone; Varig Flight 254; Dielectric breakdown model; 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane; Inergen; Copper indium gallium selenide; Photoexcitation; Quantum heterostructure; AW additive; EP additive; Chlorendic acid; Phosphorus sulfide; Phosphorus pentasulfide; Phosphorus sesquisulfide; Dimethyl methylphosphonate; Thiodiglycol; 2-Chloroethanol; Chromium carbide; Niobium carbide; Zirconium carbide; Vanadium carbide; 4-Nonanoylmorpholine; Oil Red O; Sudan Black B; Sudan II; Master of Library and Information Science; Scavenger (chemistry); Tributyltin oxide; Niobium-tin; Niobium-titanium; Emergency power unit; Session (CD); TOC (CD); Lead-out (CD); Lead-in (CD); Field's metal; Diisopropylfluorophosphate; Polysulfone; Barium titanate; EIA Class 2 dielectric; EIA Class 1 dielectric; Muon capture; Guaiazulene; Vetivazulene; Cycloheptatriene; Fluorone; Diazonium; Pararosaniline; Fluorene; Counterstain; Auramine O; Orcein; Comb generator; Lithium niobate; Monocrystal; Laser pumping; Indium gallium nitride; Iron(III) oxide-hydroxide; Allura Red AC; Fast Green FCF; Masson's trichrome stain; Aniline Blue WS; Light Green SF yellowish; Bismarck brown Y; Feulgen stain; Orange B; Citrus Red 2; Azorubine; Amaranth (dye); Scarlet GN; Ponceau 6R; Red 2G; Indanthrene blue RS; Brilliant Black BN; Black 7984; Lithol Rubine BK; Orthophenyl phenol; Papanicolaou stain; Orange G; Cyto-Stain; H&E stain; Naomi Internet Filter; Lattice constant; Texas Red; Phosphotungstic acid haematoxylin; Phosphotungstic acid; Neutral red; Xanthene; Xanthene; Betanin; Sudan stain; Platinum silicide; Indium(III) arsenide; Mercury battery; Molybdenum disilicide; Intergranular corrosion; Selective leaching; Grain boundary depletion; Talk:Biosteel; Copper(I) phosphide; Ferrosilicon; Silicon steel; Short backfire antenna; Yttrium iron garnet; Yttrium iron garnet filter; Strontium aluminate; Strontium aluminate; Purple-K; Chamotte; Kipp's apparatus; Laser isotope separation; Microbial corrosion; Pondcrete; Saltcrete; Dazzler (weapon); Video Encoded Invisible Light; Zinc telluride; Mercury zinc telluride; Lead(II) selenide; Gallium(III) phosphide; Aluminium gallium indium phosphide; Aluminium gallium nitride; Aluminium gallium phosphide; Gallium arsenide phosphide; Intel HEX; Sudan Red G; Colored smoke; Quinizarine Green SS; Disperse Red 9; Disperse Red 11; Quinoline Yellow SS; Quinoline Yellow; Fuel dyes; Oil Blue 35; Oil Blue A; Solvent Yellow 124; Leishman stain; Field's stain; Penning mixture; Ducrete; Spiro (chemistry); Endrin; Relativistic particle; Content rating; Gold plating; Chemical field-effect transistor; Carbonyl iron; Metal deactivator; Hyaloclastite; Sideromelane; 2,4-Dimethyl-6-tert-butylphenol; N,N'-Di-2-butyl-1,4-phenylenediamine; 2,6-Di-tert-butylphenol; Uranium carbide; Houston Museum of Natural Science; Pelean eruption; Glycol ethers; Monosodium methyl arsenate; Scheele's Green; Chromated copper arsenate; Custodial Detention Index; 9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene; Periodic poling; Nuclear pumped laser; Image sensor; Floating body effect; Phthalocyanine Green G; Hansa yellow; GeSbTe; AgInSbTe; Beryllide; Fire fighting foam; All gas-phase iodine laser; Benzanthrone; Aniline Yellow; Sudan Yellow 3G; Oil Yellow DE; Sudan Red 7B; Solvent Red 26; Solvent Red 164; Vat Yellow 4; Solvent Violet 13; Victoria Blue BO; Grid dip oscillator; Optical modulator; Bismuth germanate; SCSR; Self-contained self-rescue device; Catastrophic optical damage; Current crowding; Embrittlement; Mark 37 torpedo; Dibutyl sebacate; Propylene glycol dinitrate; 2-Nitrodiphenylamine; Solvent dye; Decoppering; Lanthanum hexaboride; Cerium hexaboride; Wehnelt cylinder; Wehnelt cylinder; Vinylsilane; FSW; Fanhui Shi Weixing; Aluminium indium arsenide; Brown FK; Brown HT; Tert-Butylhydroquinone; Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane; Big Brother Awards (Czech Republic); Tetramine; Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine; Corrosion in space; Aluminium carbide; Octadecyltrichlorosilane; Poly-4-vinylphenol; Germanium dioxide; Bromine monochloride; Propylene carbonate; Polypropylene carbonate; Carbon monofluoride; Strontium-90; Single Scope Background Investigation; National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check; Strength (explosive); Trauzl lead block test; PLX; Panclastite; Eugene Turpin; Syringol; Monolignol; Paracoumaryl alcohol; Sinapyl alcohol; MODFET; Heterodiamond; Tungsten silicide; Tungsten nitride; Tetrafluorohydrazine; Acridine yellow; Eglin Steel; Cadalene; Simonellite; 2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethanol; Cyclohexylamine; Xylidine; Calcium silicide; Ethylene carbonate; Lithium hexafluorophosphate; Forisome; 1,2,4-Butanetriol; 1,2,4-Butanetriol trinitrate; Copper(I) acetylide; Sodium permanganate; Antiknock agent; Tricresyl phosphate; Organophosphate-induced delayed neuropathy; Ethylenediamine dihydriodide; FC-75; Lead scandium tantalate; Copper silicide; Titanium yellow; Argon flash; Oxygen balance; Polyvinyl nitrate; Cholesteryl nonanoate; Cholesteryl oleyl carbonate; Cholesteryl benzoate; Cholesteryl chloride; Lanthanum bromide; Gadolinium oxysulfide; Methylphosphonyl difluoride; Isopropylamine; Methyl anthranilate; Photosensitizer; Dinonylnaphthylsulfonic acid; Perfluoroisobutene; Blue Cross (chemical warfare); Green Cross (chemical warfare); Yellow Cross (chemical warfare); Deoxidizer; PLAICE; Polyvinyl toluene; Lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite; Pyrotechnic initiator; Ferrotitanium; Ferrotitanium; Smoke composition; Trimethylsilanol; Dysprosium titanate; Hexanitroethane; Strontium peroxide; Reactive material; Energetic material; Nonivamide; Solanone; Copper sweetening; Naphthenic oil; Hafnium(IV) silicate; Black silicon; Ion trap mobility spectrometry; Ethyl cyanoacrylate; Methyl cyanoacrylate; Butyl cyanoacrylate; Octyl cyanoacrylate; 2-Ethoxybenzoic acid; Universal Links on Human Rights; Trimethylolethane trinitrate; Triethylene glycol dinitrate; Trimethylolethane; Polyvinyl acetate phthalate; Low dispersion glass; Fluorophosphate glass; Phosphate glass; Fluoride glass; 50 Cent Party; Ammonium permanganate; Nitronium perchlorate; Lithium tetrachloroaluminate; Bridgewire; Delay composition; Ejection charge;


    An attempt for a semantic markup for some chemical values. The values are wrapped to SPAN tags with CLASS attribute set to a keyword set to meaning of the tag. This is then used as a hook for a Greasemonkey javascript that manipulates the number and turns it into a link or popup menu with a set of actions appropriate for the given type of number.

    Template:SMILES; Template:CASREF; Template:SMILESCAS;

    A subset of pages with my contributions[edit]

    May contain duplicates, may overlap with the above.

    RMS Titanic, the metallurgy; Air safety, volcanic ash, some bird collision details, and delamination; ILBC; TSCM; Time domain reflectometer; Amantadine; Digital imprimatur, alternative developments; Lobbying, word origin; Typewriter, forensic identification; Computer printer and Photocopying, forensic identification; Ammonium nitrate; Logo, logos in subvertising; Network analysis; Neutron radiation, neutron shielding; Radiation hardening, effects of radiation on electronics; Smoke-screen, smoke creating chemicals; Armored car, more details about civilian cars; Fingerprint, many other meanings; EEPROM; CMOS (PC); Neon lamp; Ceramics; Radar detector, detector of detector of detector; Macrovision, principle of image stabilizers; Denial-of-service attack, more methods; Clipper chip, vulnerability; Dumpster diving, intel details; Analog to digital converter, other applications; Broadcast flag, role of software defined radio in enforceability; Charge carrier; Binder (material); Spark gap; Transil; Zinc pyrithione; Traser; Hydride; Acetone peroxide, mostly merged with TATP; Stealth technology, ferrite-ball paint; Hydrogen sulfide; Permian-Triassic extinction event, role of hydrogen sulfide; Brent Crude; West Texas Intermediate; Finfet; Stringer, geology and metallurgy meanings; Vaclav Klaus; Anlage; Corningware; Rukbat; Rhodia; Stasi, shredding and recovery; Exploding-bridgewire detonator; Heterojunction bipolar transistor; Geomagnetic storm; Single event upset; Depletion zone; MRAM; Incendiary bomb; Budding, virology; Adulterant; Ames strain; Anthrax disease; Krytox; Gore-Tex; Infrared camera; Thermography; Aerogel; Stink bomb; Gore-Tex; Flashover; Drain cleaner; Draino; Drain cleaner; List of food additives; Corporate malfeasance; Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb; electromagnetic pulse; nuclear fallout; subgrade; airbag (NaN3 reactions); thickening agent; malate; oseltamivir; mirrorshades; fatty alcohol; surfactant; Cillit Bang; potassium nitrite; sodium nitrite; amino acid; wax; beeswax; emulsifier; adipate; flour; polydextrose; humectant; adamantane; influenza (genetics); chewing gum; tributyl phosphate; keratin; sensitivity speck; poly vinyl pyrrolidone; polyelectrolyte; hair spray; hair gel; hair conditioner; thermal runaway; body odor; photochromism; Mission Control Center, image; conductive polymers; doping (semiconductors), polymers; cocamide MEA; cocamide DEA; ferulic acid; phytosterol; ion exchange resin; abietic acid; chloropicrin; resin acid; lightstick; plasticizer; accelerant; paint stripper; pulse oximeter; Mirrorshades; Ethylparaben; Hair conditioner; Povidone-iodine; Sensitivity speck; Tributyl phosphate; Chloropicrin; Terephthaloyl chloride; Electret; Boldenone; Tetrazene; Retene; Zircaloy; Zirconium nitride; SL-1; Atomic vapor laser isotope separation; Tunable laser; Uranyl nitrate; MIRACL; Hydroxypropyl cellulose; Carboxymethyl cellulose; Gentian violet; Thermochromism; Thermal printer; Eriochrome Black T; Aerogel; Bromotrifluoromethane; Xylyl bromide; CR gas; Saudia Flight 163; Red lead; 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane; Phosphor; Solvatochromism; Hydraulic fluid; Carbon-14; Zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate; Diethylene glycol; Tantalum carbide; Sudan IV; Organotin; Track (CD); C2 error; Cactus Data Shield; Tunnel injection; Murexide; Methyl red; Cross-linked polyethylene; Calcium phosphide; Capacitor (component); Allantoin; Carbomer; Pentaerythritol; Cyclooctatetraene; Ethyl Green; Alizarine Yellow R; Triphenylmethane; Cudbear; Quinoline Yellow WS; Gallium(III) nitride; Methyl blue; Ponceau 2R; Brilliant Black BN; H&E stain; Dimethylmercury; Methylmercury; Photochromism; Texas Red; Counterstain; Periodic acid-Schiff stain; RJ-50; EIA-530; HIL bus; RS-232; Carbol fuchsin; Fuchsine; Gunn diode; Indium(III) antimonide; Silicide; Infrared detector; Arc welding; Copper alloys; Pitting corrosion; Billon; Cunife; Zalium; Copper alloys; List of alloys; Poly(p-phenylene vinylene); Anthraquinone; Potassium titanyl phosphate; CR-39; Via (electronics); Oxyliquit; Copper(I) cyanide; Chemical oxygen generator; Lithium perchlorate; Japan Black; Sunset yellow; Rice bran wax; VEIL; Cadmium arsenide; Lead(II) selenide; Nd:YAG laser; Yttrium aluminium garnet; YAG; Phosphor; Giemsa stain; Jet fuel; JP-7; Uranium dioxide; Staballoy; Thermochromism; Photochromism; Leuco dye; CGMS-A; Red supergiant; Plating; Radar detector detector; Weather control; Ludger Sylbaris; Mount Pelee; Turrialba Volcano; Subglacial volcano; Coolant; Strombolian eruption; Plinian eruption; Vulcanian eruption; Cobalt blue; Lead hydrogen arsenate; Indian yellow; Backward wave oscillator; Glowstick; Sparkler; Lithium niobate; Silly String; Phthalocyanine Blue BN; Beryllium copper; Yellow 2G; Electrical filament; Hexavalent chromium; Soviet submarine K-19; Smokeless powder; Barium fluoride; Polyvinyl fluoride; Vectran; Brown FK; Tert-Butylhydroquinone; Pentaborane; Triethylborane; Decaborane; Indium(III) oxide; Indium tin oxide; Indium(III) oxide; Crystal oscillator; Boron trifluoride; Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine; Zinc phosphide; Sodium persulfate; Alcian blue; Electromagnetic pulse; Operation Dominic I and II; Corrosion in space; 4-Nonanoylmorpholine; Z-Stoff; Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine; Liquidmetal; Amorphous metal; Glass; Amorphous carbonia; Lithium battery; Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate; Caesium-137; Cobalt-60; Ecrasite; Arsenic trisulfide; Arsenic triselenide; Smoke; Coniferyl alcohol; Sinapyl alcohol; Paracoumaryl alcohol; Cinnamic acid; Zinc phosphide; Boron nitride; Nitrogen trifluoride; Calcein; Vanadium(IV) oxide; EP additives; Benzethonium chloride; Gossypol; Gliotoxin; High Sierra Format; Fabric softener; 1,2,4-Butanetriol; Silver acetylide; Copper(I) acetylide; Wood's glass; Dental restorative materials; Guaiacol; Aerozine 50; Perfluorohexane; Flame retardant; Phenoxyethanol; Explosive material; Cetylpyridinium chloride; Cadmium tungstate; Triethyl borate; Lithium aluminate; Fast ion conductor; Tin dioxide; Coaxial cable; Flare (countermeasure); Triethylaluminium; Stabilizer (chemistry); Tholin; Nonivamide; Zirconium(IV) silicate; Gelling agent; Black silicon; Ion trap mobility spectrometry; Chemical Agent Resistant Coating; Shielding gas; Pyrotechnic initiator; Cellulose acetate phthalate; Zirconium(IV) fluoride; Metastable intermolecular composite; Nitronium tetrafluoroborate; Tetrachloroaluminate;

    Original images[edit]

    Chemical structures[edit]

    Image:Cocamidopropyl_betaine.png; Image:Cocamide_MEA.png; Image:Cocamide_DEA.png; Image:Cocamide_TEA.png; Image:Choline.png; Image:Carnitine.png; Image:Acetylcarnitine.png; Image:Betaine.png; Image:Laureth_sulfate.png; Image:Myreth_sulfate.png; Image:Oleyl_alcohol.png; Image:Ferulic_acid.png; Image:Tributylphosphate.png; Image:Zinc pyrithione.png; Image:Dimethyldinitrobutane.png; Image:Phytosterol.png; Image:Sterol_skeleton.png; Image:Steroid-nomenclature.png; Image:Ergosterol.png; Image:Mercurochrome.png; Image:Pimaric_acid.png; Image:Plicatic_acid.png; Image:3-quinuclidinyl_benzilate.png; Image:Metal-EDTA.png; Image:Meprobamate.png; Image:Oxazepam.png; Image:Azodicarbonamide.png; Image:Terephthaloylchloride.png Image:Bis(2-ethylhexyl)adipate.png Image:Benzylbutylphthalate.png Image:Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate.png Image:Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate.png Image:Amaranth.png Image:Yellow_2G.png Image:Patent_Blue_V.png Image:Annatto.png Image:Brilliant_Blue_FCF.png Image:Indigo.png Image:Indican.png Image:Indigotine.png Image:Quinoline_Yellow_WS.png Image:Erythrosine.png Image:Atrazine.png Image:Rhodamine_6G.png Image:5,12-bis(phenylethynyl)naphthacene.png Image:Bis(2,4,5-trichlorophenyl-6-carbopentoxyphenyl)oxalate.png Image:1-chloro-9,10-bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene.png Image:9,10-diphenylanthracene.png Image:9,10-bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene.png Image:Rubrene.png Image:Cyalume-reactions.png Image:Fluconazole.png Image:Itraconazole.png Image:Ketoconazole.png Image:Glycocholic_acid.png Image:Chenodeoxycholic_acid.png Image:Deoxycholic_acid.png Image:Cholic_acid.png Image:Taurocholic_acid.png Image:Zeaxanthin.png Image:Canthaxanthin.png Image:Astaxanthin.png Image:Streptomycin.png Image:Streptomycin.png Image:Gentamycin.png Image:Thiabendazole.png Image:Orthophenyl_phenol.png Image:Fludrocortisone.png Image:Stilbene.png Image:Dexpanthenol.png; Image:Heptachlor.png Image:Endosulfan.png Image:Dieldrin.png Image:Aldrin.png Image:Ethylenediaminetetraacetic.png; Image:Delphinidin.png Image:Rutin.png Image:Naringin.png Image:Quercetin.png Image:Luteolin.png Image:Naringenin.png Image:Epigallocatechin.png Image:Epicatechin.png Image:Tetraacetylethylenediamine.png; Image:Tromantadine.png; Image:Perborate_dimer.png; Image:Acetone_peroxide_trimer.png; Image:Acetone_peroxide_dimer.png; Image:Voriconazole.png; Image:Triamcinolone.png

    Electronic schematics[edit]

    Image:Cascode-triode.png; Image:Cascode-npn.png;


    Image:Centronics-36F.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing2.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing3.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing4.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing5.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflywing6.jpg; Image:Microphoto-butterflyscale.jpg; Image:Microphoto-blood1.jpg; Image:Microphoto-cells-onion2.jpg; Image:Microphoto-cells-onion1.jpg; Image:Photo-CarBattery.jpg; Image:Photo-CarBattery-top.jpg; Image:Photo-SMDcapacitors.jpg; Image:Photo-SMDchips.jpg; Image:Photo-RoundPowerConnectors.jpg; Image:Photo-RJ11.jpg; Image:Photo-RJ11-MF.jpg; Image:Photo-audiojacks.jpg; Image:Photo-mirrorshadeleft.jpg; Image:Photo-mirrorshades.jpg;