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Welcome to my page.

I am originally from Conneaut, Ohio, but live in Youngstown, Ohio.

I like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica.

I enjoy Video Games, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis era) series.

My favorite band is Ace of Base, and my favorite single performer is Gwen Stefani

I am in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Youngstown State University.

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Please adopt an animal at Animal Charity of Ohio or at Angels for Animals, both in Mahoning County, Ohio. Animal Charity is located in Youngstown, and is an agency that has the Mahoning County Humane Society, a Veterinary Clinic, and an Adoption Shelter. Angels for Animals is located in Canfield, and is an agency that is an Adoption Shelter. If you don't live in the Mahoning county area, please go to your local shelter and adopt a homeless pet. Trust me, you won't regret saving a life, not to mention that your life and the life of the animal will be greatly enhanced.

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