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I've learned alot from wikipedia. I used to watch pages that I just found interesting, but i decided to index them here instead. I can't really desecribe my criteria for listing pages here beyond that little disclaimer, but maybe after this collection grows sufficiently I'll have a better xplanation of what this list is. I'm also going to start putting up outside webpages cause hey, why the fuck not.

Misc. bookmarks[edit]

This section sucks, but I'm working on it.


Works Of Interest[edit]

Book list[edit]

Open Source/free softwares[edit]

teh internets[edit]

The Basics[edit]

Web 2.0[edit]

  • Trapster - Maps out speed traps, red light cameras, speeding cameras....if you have suficiently smart technology, you can get a program from the service that will warn you when you are in proximity!
  • [2] Digg
  • [3] eBay
  • [4] Youtube
  • [5] del.ic.ious
  • [6] Couchsurfing - Probably one of a minority of internet commuities structured to get people to meet in person. Sociologically it's neato, and it's also a great traveling resource!
  • Foodler - Hungry? Don't have a stack of local delivery or takeout menus on hand? Foodler's got you covered. This website will tell you what nearby restaurants offer takeout or deliver to your address at the time you logon, and facilitates online ordering. They even make recomendations!
  • [7] Rotten Tomatoes - Movie reviews and an acclaimed film scoring system based on a formula which aggregated published critical reviews.



  • [8] France24 - an excellent worldnews source
  • [9] Fark - It started out as a silly news aggregator (and still very much is one), and slowly evolved into a community that competes to a) find the wierdest news articles and b) promote them via funny headlines. Most of the news you get here you won't get anywhere else. Thank Gd.
  • [10] On the Issues - Outlines American politicians stances on a wide spectrum of political issues


  • [11] Palmsout - A music blog my friend introduced me to. A little more club/electrono type stuff than I'm into, but every so often they do this thing called "sample wednesday" where they compile an album of MP3's of songs that a particular artists has sampled. The music is good, and usually pretty educational. I found the Daft Punk and Fugees posts particularly revealing.
  • [12] 8bitpeoples - Courtesy of the internet, anyone could self publish. This is the recording label that acts as the central hub of the Chip music scene. Who knew you could dance to a Gameboy?

In-browser utilities[edit]

  • [13]Meebo - Use MSN messenger? AIM? GoogleTalk? Do you use more than one? Do you find yourself at computers that don't support your messenger service? Meebo allows you to operate your messenger service through a very stable web-browser applet, and if you register you can use all your services simultaneously! Cool, right?
  • [14] Beaterator - I never got into this, but it looks awesome. Award-winning music editor that takes samples and makes recordings. Also has a lot of built in instruments.

The funny[edit]

  • [15] Perry Bible Fellowship - A really dark online comic that's beautiful and terrible and that same time. There is probably something very wrong with its creator.
  • [16]Salad Fingers - Really werid online cartoon. Very creepy. Not to be watched on drugs of any kind. Probably doesn't belong on this list, but I put it here anyway. Deal with it.