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Tarmin is a global pioneer of Data Defined Storage, a next generation data management enterprise focused on data accessibility and the value of information as a strategic business enabler. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in London, Tarmin is a privately held company that was founded in 2007. Tarmin delivers its innovative GridBank Data Management Platform, the Data Defined Storage industry’s first purpose built data management architecture. Tarmin was founded by current CEO and President, Shahbaz Ali and CTO Steve Simpson, after they experienced challenges associated with storing, capturing and processing massive volumes of financial data while working at MasterCard. GridBank was in development for three years prior to its initial release to the market in 2010, with the third version being released in June 2013.

Market Category

Tarmin has pioneered the new market category Data Defined Storage. This new category of solution platforms emphasize the value of data according to content and meaning over the traditional parameters of storage media, type and location. Data Defined Storage takes a single, holistic and comprehensive approach to all unstructured information in the global enterprise. It allows for the ability to manage disparate data types across large, highly distributed locations, manage both end user data management and big data analytics capabilities built into the solution. Three primary functional domains are required to actualize the benefits of Data Defined Storage:

  1. Media Independent Data Storage
  2. Data Security and Identity Management
  3. Distributed Metadata Repository

Media Independent Data Storage

Removes media centric data storage boundaries, promotes linear scale-out functionality and provides transparent data access for volume optimized storage performance.

Data Security and Identity Management

Enables organizations to aggregate file-based virtualization for single global namespace, and access metadata information to extract value leading to important and informed business decision making.

Distributed Metadata Repository

Allows organizations to gain end-to-end data identity management down to the individual user and device level providing greater information security.

Tarmin GridBank products include:


  • 2013- Gartner Cool Vendor
  • 2013- CRN’s 5-Star Partner Program
  • 2013- Datacentre Solutions Awards
  • 2013 – Storage Awards
  • 2013- Tech Award Circle
  • 2012- Storage Awards
  • 2009- Storage Awards

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