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Maps with high exposure (page views above 100/day, Mar. 6–Sep. 6, 2017)
Name Map Comments Q
Amu Darya Amudaryamap.jpg Need replacement- projection very distorted. 335
Arkansas River Arkansasrivermap.jpg Need replacement - was once good, but visually outdated, and probably has some data errors. 403
Bow River Bowrivermap.jpg Need replacement 139
Colorado River Colorado River basin map.png 1,702
Danube Danube basin.png Good- Recently replaced. 2,413
Delaware River Delaware river basin map.png recently replaced 393
Irrawaddy River Irrawaddyrivermap.jpg Need replacement, outdated map. 227
Klamath River Klamath Basin map.png Good for now-recently replaced. 104
Lena River Lena River basin.png Good for now-recently replaced. Does appear to be a bit tilted. 220
Los Angeles River LARmap.jpg Need replacement 424
Mackenzie River Mackenzie River basin map.png 283
Mekong Mekong river basin.png 165
Mississippi River Mississippiriver-new-01.png OK- projection is distorted, but passable. Could use an eventual replacement. 3,137
Missouri River Missouri River basin map.png font sizes? 1,055
Narmada River Narmadarivermap.jpg Need replacement - outdated, and probably wrong info. 1,316
North Saskatchewan River NorthSaskMap.jpg Need replacement 120
Pecos River Pecosmap.png Good as is - maybe replace in future when time permits. 169
Platte River Platterivermap.jpg OK- could use a better crop, and eventual replacement. 229
Red River of the South Redrivermap1.jpg Need replacement- same reason as Arkansas River map above. 395
Sacramento River Sacmapupdate-01.png OK- but maybe could be cropped more attractively. Eventually should be replaced, but not a high priority 194
Salmon River (Idaho) Salmonrivermapfinal.jpg Need replacement 162
Salt River (Arizona) Salt River Map.jpg Need replacement 162
San Joaquin River San Joaquin River watershed.png 125
South Platte River Southplatterivermap.png Need replacement- More detailed map with reservoirs and canals (districts, even?) 112
Snake River Snake River watershed map.png Good for now-recently replaced. Font sizes too small on right? 653
Syr Darya Syrdaryamap.png Need replacement 167
Tennessee River Tennessee River.jpg Need replacement- could be cropped more attractively, less cramped,, etc - Awful map in general. 373
Water in California Water in California new.png OK for now- could use eventual replacement 217
Willamette River Willamette river map new.png Good as is, for now 216
Yarlung Tsangpo River Yarlung Tsangpo map.png Good as is - recently replaced 128
Yamuna Yamunarivermap.jpg Need replacement- probably some wrong info 976
Yellow River Yellowrivermap.jpg Good as is - recently replaced 1,075
Yellowstone River YellowstoneRiverMap.jpg OK for now - map does have historic value, but perhaps its time has come. 197
Total 17,986

Maps to create[edit]