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Thank you for visiting Shashank Tulsyan's user page.

About me[edit]

By profession, I am businessman. I have two family businesses, one related to fabrication - and other - Hand Pump Manufacturing.

NIC Ranchi
NIC Ranchi - Steel Fabrication and Machining

By education and work that I do, I am a mechanical engineer.

Neembuu - Streaming, downloading and watching online content using virtual filesystem (complete, functinal, but abandoned project)
Neembuu - Streaming, downloading and watching online content using virtual filesystem (complete, functinal, but abandoned project)

By passion and projects I have done, I am computer geek. I have made many free and open source programs , such as NeembuuUploader (for file uploading, now this project has been abandoned) and Neembuu (for streaming and downloading and watching using userspace virtual filesystem).

By religion and beliefs a Sanatani Hindu.

Purpose of my Life (and how Wikipedia is helping me achieve it)[edit]


Be aligned to my Guru and get enlightened. Move the entire world towards a similar higher state of conciseness.

As per western (Fruedian) understanding, there are 3 states of consciousness - Deep Sleep, Sleep, Waking state.

As per Vedic understanding, there are 5 states of consciouness -

  1. Shushupti (Deep Sleep)
  2. Swapna (Sleep)
  3. Jagrit (Waking state).
  4. Turiya (Awakened state - example Gautam Buddha )
  5. Turiyatita (Alive state - example Sri Krishna )

The being experiences these 5 states in combination of two, thus there are 5x5 = 25 states of consciousness according to Vedic Hindu tradition.

Being established in state of Turiyatita-Turiyatita is the purpose of my life.

Taking people from lower states to higher states (if not to the ultimate Turiyatita-Turiyatita state) is also the purpose of my life.

Revival of Gurukul (ancient Indian Education System)[edit]

I am in process of writing a book based on various publicly available sources such as The Beautiful Tree by Prof. Dharampal, which itself is based on                        

  1. Official Survey of Indigenous Education in the Madras: 1822-26, which was order by the British Government and executed by the district collectors in accordance to the circular sent from the Board of Revenue.
  2. Extracts from W. Adam’s State of Education in Bengal: 1835-38
  3. Unofficial survey made by G.W. Leitner in Punjab: 1882

Once the book is completed I will be expanding on this subject on wikipedia.

Spread Jnana (Knowledge) and remove A-Jnana (false knowledge, ignorance)[edit]

To spread Jnana (knowledge) one obvious thing which comes in my mind is, to work with and contribute to wikipedia.

One major thing in my mind is Data Driven Democracy and Data Driven News.

Data Driven Democracy : My personal observation(& opinion is) today democracy is influenced by media to a large extent. The citizens take decision based on what media shows. Therefore the quality of content and integrity of news content is crucial. In a way media is a driving factor of decisions in a democracy (like election, which policy/law to support/oppose etc). The news content itself is driven by facts and opinion. The problem is only when the news content is driven by propaganda and opinion. When this happens democracy itself becomes opinion driven democracy. Opinion driven democracy a problem because opinions are not factual, scientific, and thus results will also be non-optimal.

Example -

Opinion#A) Narendra Modi is a mass murderer responsible for 2002 riots[1].

Fact#A) It was a propaganda, dismissed in all the courts ( SIT ) of the country[2].

Further Media allegation/opinion/hint #B) SIT is hiding the truth (. that Opinion#A) is the truth)

With advancement of technology we have access to huge amounts of data which can be effectively used to make decisions. We no longer need opinion driven mainstream media to know about things. One of my strong intention is that in entire such an alternate media which works like wikipedia. Certain change Wikinews could be starting point. With Data Driven News, Data Driven Democracy would be achieved. It would be with rigorous citation, references, research, survey (with raw data) and statistical methods with utmost integrity and NPOV.

My intention it to have a Data Driven Democracy by having a Data Driven News.

Develop and/or contribute to a Data Driven News website[edit]

  • Rework on wikinews or start fresh
  • Develop & Sustain a vast community to handle this
  • Integrate back in Wikimedia Foundation : This should become an official sister project of Wikimedia Foundation. That would ensure that this remains unbiased, and pure for many many generations.
  • Integrate with Facebook (officially) : Anything shared on fb, should also have an annotation appear on top of the picture, telling it's score. So sharing false information will fall drastically.
  • Develop channels to spread content generated on this platform

Please see the full article on this subject here : User:Shashaanktulsyan/DataDrivenNews

Digitization, translation and entry of various Hindu scriptures.[edit]

There are 30 lakh ( 3 million ) spiritual books in Hinduism. Books like Kamikagama have 1 crore crore verses ( 1E14 or 100 trillion verses ). There is no mention of it in wikipedia!!! And wikipedia is supposed to be the largest repository of human knowledge. It doesn't even mention that something like Kamikagama exists!

Such vast knowledge. On there other end there are many scholars from the west who have discovered the vaaaaast depth of Indian spiritual knowledge.

There is sooooooooooooooooooo much in Hinduism. It is sooooooooooooooooooo old, so profound. I don't know where to start where to end.

I intend to preserve, conserve, and be a responsible in presenting this authentically to the future generations.

A small fact for example: If you see the page of Pope you will find it very very very extremely nicely documented. But wiki, as of writing of this page, doesn't even have a page on Adyaksha (head) of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad. The Adyaksha (head) of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad is literally like the pope of Hinduism, and the monastic order is much larger than the catholic church. It has more than 1 million monks! But there is no representation of this on wikipedia. Nobody knows. And it is much much more ancient than the catholic monastic order (I don't mean to disrespect in anyway, all I am trying to do is set the context).

There are sooooooooooo many spiritual traditions in Hinduism. The depth of knowledge will simply baffle the readers.

The question is, who will establish all these factually (with citation), on wikipedia. It must start somewhere. I am not a historian or academician kind of guy. I am a businessman. BTW see my website, on what I do for living .

My short-term goal is to at-least start the work on these. Long term goal is to have the fulllllll Kamikagama kind of scriptures, 30 lakh ( 3 million) other such scriptures on wiki. All about spiritual leaders and gurus from India. Each verse can have a page. There can be 100 trillion wiki pages just on kamikagama. Such is the depth. Each guru has his own commentary on each each verse.

Hinduism in itself is a parallel universe!

Push for political reforms for the greater good. Like Right To Recall and Replace, Jury Trials etc.[edit]

With presence of pure knowledge the society should move towards becoming an enlightened civilization with better law and order and governance.

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