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Shaunda Kulbara, 玉麒麟, Wikigirl[edit]

About me[edit]

I am a 20-something SMF (single mixed-race female).

My ethnicity is White-Native American-Black on one side, Asian (Chinese & Korean) on the other. My hobbies include reading and writing, painting and photography, gym and dance, boating and swimming, and torturing myself addressing the imperfections of Wikipedia.

I was born in London, England but grew up mostly in the United States except for two years in Hong Kong.

I'm straight but not narrow. I'm slender but not model thin. I'm literate but I'm not a genius. I have a boyfriend but I don't have a rich husband. I have a good dog but I don't have a super dog.

Important trivia[edit]

I have lost several family members to fan death. Rest in peace. (7:54, 6 February 2007)

My First Editorial[edit]

It has been my misfortune to form the opinion that people either get Wikiepdia or they don't. Those that get Wikipedia look at articles that have been featured, see why, and try to emulate those editorial standards. Those that don't get Wikipedia believe the first step to entering a bicycle race is reinventing the wheel.

It's my guess that some people who don't get Wikipedia at the start may get it later on. That's my guess...but it hasn't yet been my observation. Still, I am trying to not bite the newcomers.(03:16, 4 January 2007)

The Ideal Wikipedian[edit]


Here's a cynic's definition of the Ideal Wikipedian. It's sobering. For a while I thought vandals and maverick editors were the worst component of the Wikipedia community. Now I am not so sure. (01:00, 5 February 2007)

Cabal? What Cabal? I don't see any cabal here. Do you see a cabal here? Good, me neither. But if I do see a cabal, I'll let you know right away. (00:33, 6 February 2007)

Speedy Deletion[edit]

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I have been involved recently in some unpleasant debate over what several editors including myself feel is an example of misuse of administrative privileges regarding Speedy Deletion. The following statements are quoted word-for-word from Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion and may be of interest to some people who have this page on their watchlist:

  • reasonable editors will agree what does or does not fall under a given criterion. When there is reasonable doubt whether a page does, discussion is recommended
  • Articles that have obviously non-notable subjects are still not eligible for speedy deletion unless the article "does not assert the importance or significance of its subject". If the article gives a claim that might be construed as making the subject notable, it should be taken to a wider forum.

In general, Wikipedia administrators do a great job! Many of the editors who have been most helpful to me during my first weeks here were admins. But I feel that a few administrators on Wikipedia have failed to embrace the following sentiments of Jimbo Wales:

There must be no cabal, there must be no elites, there must be no hierarchy or structure which gets in the way of this openness to newcomers. Any security measures to be implemented to protect the community against real vandals (and there are real vandals, who are already starting to affect us), should be implemented on the model of "strict scrutiny".[1]

There's a lot more to civility than avoiding cusswords. There's a lot more to respect than including the word "respectfully" in one's sentences. There's more to responsible editing than flexing one's muscles. -- Shaundakulbara 01:48, 3 February 2007 (UTC)

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Defender of the Wiki[edit]

WikiDefender Barnstar.png The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar
My heartfelt thanks for your efforts. Don't drive yourself crazy though; It's just not worth it. I appreciate your efforts to champion me, but advise against them. Go have some fun! House of Scandal 11:30, 3 February 2007 (UTC)