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Shaykh Abdul Ghani Hamzah
Khawjah Khawjagan Abil Khair Athani
Born Singapore
Died (2003-11-06)November 6, 2003
Nationality Singaporean
Era Modern era
Region Sufi philosophy
School Sufi Order of Chistia Qadriah
Main interests
Sufism, spirituality, Islamic studies
Notable ideas
Ratib Haddad

Hazrat Shaikh Abil Khair Athani Chisti-Qadri

Hazrat Shaikh Khwaja Khawjagan Abil Khair Athani born and lived in Singapore. His burial, (maqam), is at pusara abadi Cemetry in Singapore.

He was a great sufi master. Born as Shaykh Abdual Ghani Hamzah, he was a local Arab of Al-Khayr (paternal) and Al-Habashy (maternal) descent. Hazrat was given the title of Shaykh Abil Khair Athani, meaning the 2nd good father. The first good father in history, Shaykh Abil Khair, was the Shaykh of Ghaus-Ul-Azzam, Shaykh Abdul Qadeer Jilani.

He was the Khalifah of Hazrat Shaikh Khawja Khawjagan Habibullah Shah [1]. He has left a Khalifa in Cawang Jakarta by the name of Shaykh Mardjuki Saaman and has not left a Khalifa in Singapore. But his prominent murid Shaykh Fasehullah Shah was given the Ijazah by Shaykh Baqibillah Shah, who was the first and last surviving saint of Khawja Khawjagan Habibullah Shah.


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