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php This user can program in PHP.
Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.svg This user contributes using Firefox.
GW This user is a fan of Green Wing
Newspaper This user reads Private Eye.
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GW This user plays Guyball
IT Hello, I.T. , have you tried turning it off and on again? Is it definitely plugged in?
🎸 This user plays the guitar.
Room 101 This user wants to put YOU into Room 101.
la-2 Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
FUTU.svg This user is glad that Futurama is back on the air.
Crystal Clear app ktip.png This user is a Wikipedia tipster.
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Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Face-grin.svg This user has a sense of humour and shows it on their userpage.
£ This user knows the first rule of the con: you can never cheat an honest man.
8.4 This user is Numberwang!
Kakuro clue square.svg This user is a Kakuro addict
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO !
(…so where is my £200?)
HIGNFY This user would vote for the Rt. Hon. Tub of Lard MP
D This user reads Dilbert.
Even Even More Userboxes!
UB This user believes that Ugly is the New Beautiful.
MCR This user is a My Chemical Romance fan.
<3 This user is head over heels in love
0 This Wikipedian is 0 years, 0 months, and 0 days old.
teen This user is a teenager.