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Dinoproject-icon2.png This user is a part of WikiProject Dinosaurs, which aims to improve Wikipedia's coverage of dinosaurs. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.

It is my goal to update all non-avian dinosaur articles to reflect current knowledge, using primary sources as my reference. I want to include information on etymology, taxonomy, stratigraphy, and a little bit of anatomy on every species I edit, as well as any other interesting and relevant information. I am also striving to use language understandable at an advanced high school level, without sacrificing content.

My Contributions to Wikipedia.

I have currently updated 54 dinosaur articles, rewriting many of them from top to bottom. I have also written several articles with others in the Dinosaur Collaboration, eight of which have since been featured!

Recent stuff I'm proud of: Acrocanthosaurus | Tarbosaurus | Tyrannosauroidea

Not a dinosaur article per sé but one I am very proud of: Neuquén Group (and all of the formations contained within)

I have a strong background in evolutionary biology and paleontology, although I am currently more involved in wildlife conservation.

The Resilient Barnstar
For excellent growth from criticism & managing to further improve his awesome raw talent -- Spawn Man.