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I'm a London based computer programmer, working mainly with Microsoft languages (.NET, WPF C++/CLI etc). I play hockey and have been a club level (L1) hockey umpire for several years now. I used to be a freelancer in the entertainments industry and am now a Yorkshire expat. My interests on Wikipedia tend to coagulate around local interest articles and articles connected with politics/current affairs.

Good Articles I've contributed to[edit]

Good article "Crystal Palace, London" (1 October, 2013)

DYK I've contributed to[edit]

Did You Know? ...that the Hare and Billet pub was mistakenly accused in the House of Commons of serving a "blatant copy" of Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce? (1 March, 2014)
Did You Know? ...that Admiral Yuriy Ilyin served as the Ukrainian Chief of the General Staff for only ten days before being dismissed by interim President Alexander Turchynov? (6 March, 2014)
Did You Know? ...that over 215,000 Two Together Railcards were sold within a year of the card being launched?"? (30 July, 2015)

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