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   For the Chinese word, see "什么" shenme or "什麼" shénme (English what)
   For the Chinese band "What?", see article Chinese rock

When the Internet hermit becomes enlightened, they ... ?

Is there yet a general realization that Wikipedia is a proud shining obelisk inscribed with the knowledge in all the scripts of the world, but made chalk and drenched in a corrosive atmosphere of acid rain?

My favorite quote, that correlates what I hear and read, with what I feel, and what I hope:

I'm a pessimist about probabilities; I'm an optimist about possibilities.
Lewis Mumford (1895-1990)

Interesting, and a Wiki! AllSetLearning Grammar Wiki

The results of IP edits are 'sometimes' less than ideal, but then one comes along that fixes something broken for over two years. "But the article's name is just 'Beetle', not Beetles" says the one with new eyes. Err, umm, thanks. Really!!

Lately I've been on a run of correcting spelling mistakes. Lest anyone think that I think English spelling is 'rational', I'll point to my Page at Simple English Wikipedia

Lists of Common Misspellings               My best so far: "abd nabaged"

Ahh, found it again. Don't know where to put this, but sometimes I need to be reminded that even people who act very crossly may have reasonable points that I can agree with.

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I can't decide what picture to use
    for my current problem...

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Simply precious, seen on Slashdot:

>   >   " I'll never be able to prove it, but I know I'm right".
>   There is no reasonable defense against an idiot with an agenda
It would seem you have backed yourself into a corner here.