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This bot is no longer active on Wikipedia.
This user is a bot
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Workin' on it
Operator §hep
Approved? See below
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See below
Edit period(s) When needed
Automatic or manual? (Semi)-auto
Programming language(s) AWB
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? See below
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes
Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 9 years, 4 months and 29 days.
01010010 01001111 01000010 01001111 01010100 This user is a bot. It performs tedious and repetitive tasks and is operated by Stepshep.

If the bot is malfunctioning, admins may block it by clicking here.

AWB logo draft.png This user uses AutoWikiBrowser to quickly make repetitive edits.
Newsletter Delivery Request


To request any of these tasks (or others) be done please for your project leave a note here.

  • Blue Checkmark Approved Task 1 is to substitute all user talk templates that were not correctly done so and to tag article talk pages for WikiProject Ohio and other projects by request.
  • Blue Checkmark Approved Task 2 is the sending out of any user talk related messages for WikiProjects. i.e. Newsletters, meet-up notices, ect. (Will deliver to any page in the Talk: namespace)
  • Blue Checkmark Approved Task 3 involves automated requests for images. This is done by either adding a template such as {{reqphotoin}} or {{reqphotoin|sportspeople}} or by adding a parameter to a WikiProject banner such as image-needed=yes if no image is on the article page. This can also be done for pages that contain images such as SVG flags or Image:Cricket no pic.png.


  • If you save welcome templates in your user space for personal reference or other reasons and do not want the templates substituted please add {{bots|deny=ShepBot}} to said page.
  • I will ignore any bot exclusion templates when delivering newsletters or other messages that a user has subscribed to.

Source Code[edit]

ShepBot is run on the AutoWikiBrowser; the source code is under the GNU General Public License and available at the main AWB page. In conjunction with AWB is the KingBotK Plugin. Under the GNU General Public License as well; SVN access for the plugin is at This Page. ShepBot also uses a custom module for AWB written in C#; the module was written by Richard0612 and is available at this subpage for convenience. //


ShepBot has had the privilege of working with the following projects:

 • WikiProject Ohio  • WikiProject Composers
 • WikiProject Opera  • The LGBT WikiProject
 • WikiProject Museums  • WikiProject Warwickshire
 • WikiProject Coventry  • WikiProject Canada
 • The Artist Infobox team  • WikiProject Classical music
 • WikiProject Contemporary music  • WikiProject Chicago
 • WikiProject Football  • WikiProject Judaism
 • Version 1.0 Editorial Team  • WikiProject Cricket
 • WikiProject India  • WikiProject Years
 • WikiProject Shakespeare  • WikiProject Films
 • The Wikipedia Signpost


A log of ShepBot's first approximately couple hundred edits can be found at User:ShepBot/log. All other edits can be seen in ShepBot's contributions.