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I am an inventor, artist and writer. I have a background in office administration. In the past I have also dabbled in DJing. I am a male living in Brisbane, Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Geography, Political Science) from the University of Queensland. I started editing Wikipedia semi-regularly in mid 2004. I've attended one meetup, assisted in the presentation of at least 15 edit training workshops around Queensland and a similar number of photo drives around South East Queensland.

Wikipedia has become one of the best examples of a successful open source project. It is the premier website; the embodiment of the web. I'm here to take it to the next level. I'm regularly impressed by the quality of material and the kind effort put in by other Wikipedians to get things right for little in return. Wikipedia is a great, worthwhile site, verging on brilliant, especially when one considers it is being created by unpaid amateurs. I'm glad I have been part of what has been described as[1]

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I like researching and fixing up articles, some project work, adding a few photos, items to lists and fleshing out short articles. I have made more than 4,500 edits to Wikicommons. I maintain the Queensland Portal. I tend not to gate keep over a limited set of articles and don't appreciate that editing style. Nor do I appreciate the injection of quotations as propaganda. Here is a list of Articles I have created

I have never accepted any payment for any of my contributions here. At the end of 2017 I was temporarily banned for discussing paid editors within WikiProject Australia. I was banned again in 2018 so I quit Wikipedia. That doesn't mean I will not ever edit again; just that making contributions is now a very low priority. Thanks to an amazing community for keeping it going between 2007 and 2012 until the paid editors arrived en masse in 2015.


I believe that Wikimedia needs to address the following matters as a priority.

  • resist propaganda
  • let me add categories and templates in Australian English.
  • improve the formatting or interface on Talk pages so the structure of a discussion is more easily maintained.
  • integrate an incentive reward system whereby editors can receive bitcoin micropayments on a the basis of merit.



I've collected some barnstars. Thank you.


I invented the Semantic Web on 1 October 2017.


Here is a list of templates I am interested in.


  1. ^ Gregory Crane, editor in chief of the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University, quoted in Wikipedia in the Newsroom, Part 2: Putting It to the Test. 2 March 2008, Donna Shaw, American Journalism Review

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