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A Bit About Me


I was born in Manchester in 1967, So I'll never see England win the World Cup. According to my Mother, my first word was 'Satellite'. My Dad is from the Isle Of Man. I lived in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for several years. Despite this, I still have a soft spot for Newcastle United. I worked Freelance for various rapacious financial institutions on a series of dysfunctional, disastrous and/or otherwise doomed projects until until 2003, when I decided to take time off to write my literary masterpiece, specifically a novel. The subsequent almost total reduction in income lead to me moving to Donegal, Ireland for three years to live in a cottage with half a roof. Eventually I came back to do an MA in Creative Writing. The weather is better in Manchester, so that's something. It seems my fiction will only truly be appreciated after I'm dead, but I have won a couple of prizes. None of the big ones. As I have a dog, my only remaining Ambition is to live forever, which I plan to do by uploading my outmoded physical brain to sparkling Virtual reality. Wikipedia is a start on this.

My personal website is at

Some Articles I've Worked On


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  3. Operation Chastise
  4. Operation Market Garden
  5. Battle of Britain
  6. No. 11 Group RAF
  7. Vergeltungswaffe

Books and Programmes

  1. 633 Squadron
  2. Battle of Britain (film)
  3. Neal Asher
  4. Richard Morgan
  5. The Little Drummer Girl I created this article
  6. The Looking-Glass War I created this article
  7. A Small Town in Germany
  8. The Man in the High Castle
  9. The Power of Nightmares
  10. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
  11. Woken Furies I created this article
  12. The Dam Busters (film)


  1. 1966 World Cup Final
  2. William Colby
  3. City of Derry Airport
  4. Close Combat
  5. Lotus Elan
  6. Romano Artioli I created this article
  7. Dunfanaghy
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