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Winter is Coming
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塊魂 Na na-na na-na na na na na Katamari Damacy!
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One teacher, one doctor, one ecstasy, one illness, one woman, one man
May hide another. Pause to let the first one pass.
You think, Now it is safe to cross and you are hit by the next one. It can be important
To have waited at least a moment to see what was already there.

--One Train May Hide Another, Kenneth Koch


Shimeru (talk · contribs · count · logs · page moves · block log)

Please don't edit this page. Instead, leave your message on my Talk page.

About me

Well, I suppose I should get around to putting something here. So here it is.

I'm an editor at heart. I know that the best way to improve something is not always tonight expand upon it; sometimes, the best way is to cut it back. I tend to lean deletionist where encyclopediac noteworthiness is not established and inclusionist where an article is thoroughly referenced with reliable secondary sources. My particular areas of interest are art, folklore, literature, comics and animation, Japanese culture, poetry, roleplaying games, and the internet. I also spend a fair amount of time patrolling new pages and recent changes.

The obligatory list of stuff I helped write:

New articles, rewrites, or major expansion

Ae-oina Kamui | | Apasam Kamui | Chikap Kamui | Chujo-hime | Crescent Moon (manga) | Fortsas hoax | Hash-Inau-uk Kamui | Hoffman, Daniel | Good articleInari (mythology) | IndusInd Bank | Itami, Juzo | Itami, Mansaku | kabuki | Kagu-tsuchi | Kamo no Yasunori | Kamo no Yasunori no musume | kamui | Kamui Fuchi | Kandakoro Kamui | Kenash Unarabe | Kim-un Kamui | Kinashut Kamui | Featured articlekitsune | Kojin | Kuzunoha | kyogen | Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre | Lipofsky, Marvin | Good articleLittleton, Harvey | McBride, Jeff | Minbo | Morita, Yoshimitsu | Moshirikara Kamui | Nusakoro Kamui | Onoe, Matsunosuke | Ooruku Nooruper | Pauchi Kamui | | Philomathean Society | Pixy Misa | Repun Kamui | Ries, Christopher | Ryo-Ohki | Shall We Dance (1996 film) | shinigami | Shiramba Kamui | Skeleton Key (comic) | Takekoma Inari Shrine | The Family Game | Wagoto | Waka-ush Kamui | Wyoming Seminary | Yushkep Kamui

Significant edits/expansion

Abe no Seimei | ʿĀd | Adrogue, con ilustraciones de Norah Borges | Advanced Semiconductor Engineering | Agrawal, Manindra | Amane, Misa | Amano, Yoshitaka | Ambroz | Apis mellifera iberiensis | Asia Art Archive | Bakchha | Bango plc | Bester, Alfred | buffer underrun | Calcutta International School | carnography | cascarones | caste system in India | Chinese literature | cinema of Japan | City of Heroes | Contra 3: The Alien Wars | Cratchit, Bob | Daemonia Nymphe | D'Amato, Frank | Diyu | doloire | Epagogix | Evening of Roses | fascism | fifth column | Fukuyama, Masaharu | Goetic demons in popular culture | Gothic Melting Ice Cream's Darkness Nightmare | Green Goblin | Haldankar, Suresh | harem anime | Indian cuisine | instant noodles | Japan Nation Party | Jarrell, Randall | Jinn in popular culture | kōan | Koviljkin grad | The Last Lecture | list of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple characters | list of The Price Is Right pricing games | market run | Marmalade Boy | The Masque of the Red Death | nanotechnology in fiction | NERO International | newLISP | Nocturne (video game) | Otōri | oxymoron | philosophical sin | Platform game | Power Pack | Q Score | Qin Dynasty | Quint, Philippe | religion in Japan | Road to the Multiverse | rook (bird) | Saleh, Aminu | Sasuke (TV series) | Schwellenbach, Lewis B. | Singing Sword | superhero | Takeda Nobuchika | Tamamo-no-Mae | Tang Zhengzai | Tanaka, Hirokazu | Tanikawa, Tetsuzo | The Transporter | Uchuu Keiji Sharivan | unlockable game | Verbo | Viddler | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Featured articleWollstonecraft, Mary | Wonder Woman | Xellos | XIII Century (video game) | Yin, Ellen | Yamaguchi, Takayuki | Yoko | yuri (genre) | Zhang Ji (Han Dynasty) | Zorro's Fighting Legion

To-do list

  • Bring kitsune up to FA status.
  • Further research on shinigami; that article needs a rewrite.
  • Glass artists Erwin Eisch and Tom McGlauchlin.
  • Possible further expansion on Skeleton Key.
  • Stub some of the redlinks on List of legendary creatures in Japanese mythology.
  • Template:Merge-school to tag for merging or expansion of short school articles.
  • Add articles on Ainu mythology (only had 2 articles, both stubs); expand the ones I've already added
  • More about Japanese cinema, particularly actors and directors. (Shozo Makino first?)
  • Expand stubs on Japanese mythology.
  • Finish creating a framework of articles for Ainu mythology, an area Wikipedia has so far neglected.
  • Rewrite Inari (mythology) again, extensively this time. Get it to at least GA.
  • Continue to tag sourceless school articles for merging. Merge them later, when nobody else does. Nominate them for deletion after that, if the merge is reverted without introducing any secondary sources.



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