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    I'm Andrew Gray. I am a librarian working for a London university; from May 2012 through April 2013, I was the Wikipedian in Residence at the British Library in London.

    As of early 2015, I currently spend most of my time working on Wikidata; please leave me a talkpage message or ping me if you need me to look into something. I'm around most days but not always paying attention to my watchlist.

    In the unlikely event you want to listen to me rather than read this, I made two short podcasts for AHRC: about the Wikipedian in Residence program and about how to get involved with Wikipedia.

    I joined Wikipedia in October 2004, while I was a postgraduate, became an admin a year later, in late 2005, and handled OTRS queries (email correspondence for WMF) for several years after that. Occasionally, that leaves time to write an article. I have contributed twenty "good articles" and one rated A-class; besides this, there are several hundred short articles of varying quality I've been responsible for, some substantially better than others.

    As well as support and editing work, I've done some short pieces of analysis on Wikipedia content:

    - and a few less standalone Wikimedia-related posts are on my blog, here.

    Useful reports: Potentially invalid GAs; oversized biog. stubs