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Who I am
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Kanagawa Prefecture.
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WikiProject Japan.
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I support the Japanese-language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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About me[edit]

I sometimes write articles and templates of:

  • Japanese mythology
  • Space agencies and space programs: JAXA (ISAS + NAL + NASDA)
  • Voice synthesizer applications using Vocaloid
  • Geography, notably cities and rail lines
  • Translation of laws and regulations, mainly on Wikisource
  • Public and private organizations, such as Nikkei 225 and TOPIX 100 companies
  • Statistical observation of many sectors of the Japanese economy
  • All kinds of resources
  • Environment and energy issues and technologies, especially renewable energy

I also add unused Commons images.


Wikipedia:List of Discussion Templates

/Sandbox4/Sandbox3/Sandbox2 /Sandbox/Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation /Gackpoid /Heian-kyō /Ene-Farm /Template:Nikkei 225


Wikipedia:Manual of Style (Japan-related articles)

Category:Articles needing translation from Japanese Wikipedia

Mythology and Folklore[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Mythology task force


Geography and Environment[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Geography and environment task force

Prefectures, Districts, and Municipalities[edit]



{{Location map Japan}}

{{Infobox City Japan}}

Science and Technology[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Science and technology task force

Business and Economy[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Business and economy task force

Category:Company stubs {{Infobox Company}}

Law and Government[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Law and government task force

{{Infobox Legislation}}


Food and Drink[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Food and drink task force


Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Music task force