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Hi all!

My name is Shlomi Fish, and I'm an Israeli writer (of creative stories and screenplays, aphorisms and quotes, articles and essays, lectures, blog entries or comments and web content), a professional software developer (of open source software or otherwise), and also an amateur mathematician, and an even more amateur artist. Lately, I've started seeing myself as an Internet-based entertainer/amateur-philosopher/etc. similar to the fact that during Hellenistic times, philosophy was considered a form of entertainment. I'm also active in promoting and advocating various Open Source and Open Content technologies and resources in Israel and on the Internet.

Shlomi Fish at the beach in 2013

My home-site is maintained by me, and contains many things I've written and placed online, as well as links to other sites or places I've created. A Duck Duck Go search on my name or a a Google Search will also yield many useful links (as are similar searches like those for "shlomif").

Contact Information[edit]

I have detailed contact information on my homepage. Some highlights are:

  • E-mail: .
  • Jabber/XMPP: .
  • GoogleTalk/GoogleHangouts/GoogleChat: .
  • Mobile phone: +972-54-6232377 .
  • Freenode IRC: "rindolf".

And you can always drop me a note on my User talk page.

English Wikipedia Articles I've worked on[edit]

I also did Janitorial work for many other articles (fixing phrasing errors, adding internal or external links, etc.)

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  • - Yoni

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