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Well, hello there. I'm Jess. Sometimes I write things on Wikipedia. Currently, most of these things are to do with Australian comedy. I'm also interested in mythology-related articles.

Australian comedy[edit]

I'm currently working on sourcing, expanding and copyediting articles relating to Australian comedy. This stuff's all for my own reference, feel free to ignore.


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GA Award.png The Good Article Medal of Merit 
I'm gonna give Shoemoney2night a tip of my hat and award her this Good Article Medal of Merit for her tireless work on bringing up The Daily Show article to GA quality. Congratulations! d:) Cinemaniac (talkcontribscritique) 15:15, 15 July 2008 (UTC)


Don't be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying yes begins things. Saying yes is how things grow. Saying yes leads to knowledge. "Yes" is for young people. So for as long as you have the strength to, say yes.

  • Stephen Colbert, Knox College commencement speech, June 3, 2006

Dana: The thing is, Jeremy's gone now, the cards are still hot, and I'm feeling like I might be just a little somewhere in the vicinity of The Zone. And you know what that means?
Isaac: Please don't say it.
Dana: Shoe money tonight!

  • Sports Night

Not living in fear is a great gift, because certainly these days we do it so much. And do you know what I like about comedy? You can't laugh and be afraid at the same time—of anything. If you're laughing, I defy you to be afraid.

  • Stephen Colbert, Parade interview, September 23, 2007

And we're gonna lose some of these battles, and we might even lose the White House, but we're not gonna be threatened by issues. We're gonna put them front and center. We're gonna raise the level of public debate in this country, and let that be our legacy.

'Cause it's next. 'Cause we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill, and we saw fire. And we crossed the ocean, and we pioneered the West and we took to the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration, and this is what's next.

You know what, it's okay. If Bill O'Reilly needs an enemy, he needs to feel persecuted, you know what? Here's my Kwanzaa gift to him. Are you ready? Alright. [A Christmas-themed border appears on the screen] I'm your enemy. Make me your enemy. I, Jon Stewart, hate Christmas, Christians, Jews, morality. And I will not rest until every year, families gather to spend December 25th together at Osama's Homobortion Pot and Commie Jizzporium.

It's taken me a lot of years but I've come around to this: If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people. And if you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.

Well, I thought it was funny.

  • Stephen Colbert's six-word autobiography