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Male. Brit. UK Resident. Venerable and ancient.Technologist. Networks particularly. And can't spell.

Linux user. Linux desktop user. Homebuilt Dual Athlon four spindle 430 Gb Linux desktop user. Still can't spell

AT&T employee Diver and keen snorkeler

Handle is from the C.J.Cherryh novel The Paladin --Shoka 22:09, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Committed identity: 2a21cbf5e552902ab501cddbee2f6ae960b856e1a5db5c01fbb6740d7d94e69c9c9b65294bee73c4df1a33d97ef700c8d7aa2c3e8719734b4d0ddea5aa7b16fd

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Articles Originated[edit]

Places and Fortresses of Malta[edit]

Marsaskala Fort Manoel St Mary's tower St Mark's tower

Fort St Angelo Fort Ricasoli Fort St Elmo Ghallis Tower

Fort Delimara Fort Tas-Silġ St Paul's Bay tower Fort Leonardo

St Paul's battery Fort Benghisa


Babbitt metal


Isotope Mass Spectrometry

Military History and Technology[edit]

Star fort Polygonal fort Langues

Guthrie rolling bridge

Open Software and Network Technology[edit]

IPCop Homebuilt computer

Bird Internet routing daemon Quagga Internet routing daemon

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