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I have noticed in the brief time that I have spent on RfA that most voters don't particularly know the user in question, they are simply frequent voters. To make RfA discussion more informed, I will from this time forward attempt to tell users who have interacted with a user undergoing an RfA about the RfA. I'm not sure if this will result in greater support or greater opposition, but it should make discussions less dependent on edit count, etc.


I will leave a message for users who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Users with significant talk-page interaction with a candidate.
  • Users who have worked with a candidate on a major article.
  • Users involved in the same WikiProjects(s) as a candidate.
  • Other users I deem to be connected to a candidate.

My message[edit]

Hello! I noticed that you have interacted with username who is currently being nominated for adminship and thought that you might be interested in participating at RfA location. You have received this message without the endorsement of the candidate involved, and this is not a solicitation of support, it is only an effort to make RfA discussions better (for more information see user:ShortJason/Publicity). Thank you in advance for your participation. ShortJason 21:52, 29 May 2006 (UTC)

Important Facts[edit]

I am in no way affiliated with the candidates whose RfAs I publicize and plan to attempt to do this for all RfAs. Feel free to help out by posting my message where you feel it is appropriate.


Please add your name to this section if you intend to help out:

  1. ShortJason
  2. GangstaEB