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    Show Off began in Spring of 2002 friends from Hollis Queens as Show Off Crew, a dance group. Founding memembers included Ace, Drew, Lil' Mike, Dudz, Jabari, Stokelife, Lucky, Romie, Ice Rob. The dance group dissolved in the winter of 2003 after the migration of members such as Romie and Lucky. Ace and Stokelife in December of 2003 regrouped and held thier first event under the Show Off Entertainment banner on Christmas Eve 2003 in Jamaica Queens. Ace also known as Dj Ace or Mr Ace, then produced and worked on various projects aside from Show Off, namely with Dj 45, and C-Nice, dj-ing at engagements in Manhatten, Queens, Pennsylvania, and Jamaica WI.

    Three more years would pass before Ace & Stokelife held another Show Off. That event would be on New Years Eve of 2006. This event was followed by thier Valentines day event in Elmont Long Island. Another party a week later was held in Elmont Long Island in celebration of Black History Month. The next event was held in Kew Gardens Queens in colaboration with C-Nice. The following event was again held in Kew Gardens in honor of Ice-Rob's birthday, one of the original founders.

    Attempting to evolve and provide entertainment that sets them apart Show Off produced thier first poetry event on Black Friday of 2007 in Jamaica Queens at The Afrikan Poetry Theater a cultural center formed in the 70s by Mr. John Watusi. After the successs of that event they produced other open mic events with titles and themes such as Organized Rhyme, Celebrating The Matriachs, Black Friday 1 Year Anniversary, Dismayhem, Poetry & Spoken Word Open Mic and Poetry Spoken Word & Music Open Mic at the Afrikan Poetry Theater. The events strive to bring out the concious side of entertainment which often is not put in the forefront. though due to the openess of the format questionable content at times is presented. Overall the majority of performers have expressed themselves in a manner that reflects conciousness. Many Poets have made thier frist attempt at perfromance using the open mic format, giving them the ability to test the proverbial waters. The original web site is located at: and thier current web site can be accessed via the URL