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slide tale

Snowboarding is a very American sport. First of all you have to learn all of the steps before you do your event. you learn how to control your speed, going down hill, and learn how to do tricks, and control your turns and one more thing the chest falls. There is three of them front fall back fall, and side fall. Then you have to get to learn on how to get up from the fall. Then there is all of how to get on a chair left, and just other thing, to describe about snowboarding. You can then get on the trails and finally get out there, and just have fun with your friends and ride a snowboard. There is lot of snow sports, there is sledding, and skiing, lots of things. There is trails and game things to have fun tracks, of the snowboard. There is half pipe, races, there is also jumps and tricks that you have to learn and other things. You can have just lots of fun if you learn a lot of things through snowboarding. I have some friends that like too snowboard, we like to jump off of things. Like off of a side of a mountain or a aside of a building. we also like to do tricks and just other things. there is finally i make since i found more information about the styles or tracks that they are called,Jibbing, Rail jam, and slope styles.well like i was saying this thing started in 1998

Origin of Snowboarding[edit]

Snowboarding was developed in the United States in the 1960s. [1] the skiers tried to forces the snowboarders out of there mountains so there was a battle on who was the best out of snowboarding, or skiers. but there was a championship.[2] after they went through all that four years for olympics went to nagano games. the year was in 1998, the united states were the first national championship.

Common Tricks[edit]

Jibbing, Rail jam, and slope styles they are post to be cool. i have done the rail sliding Snowboarding Tricks. you have bad and good times on the tricks. you can hurt yourself many of times by doing the tricks. there is lots of risks of doing the things you do with them. like jumping of a building, now that is going to hurt a lot. anyone can do these tricks. [3]

Snowboarding at the Olympics[edit]

this snowboarding event start in 1998. The Americans have owned most of the medals of snowboarding six of them awesome. [4] this sport only happeneds in the winter time. the snowboarding is only in the sporting styles in winter, it is not a summer activity. there is a lot of good fun things to do in snowboard, there is racing, and freestyle riding down hill.


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