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Born'धनतेरस', १३ कार्तिक, कृष्ण पक्ष (year to be traced)
Ujjain, Ujjain district, Madhya Pradesh, British India
Died--,-----, 1966
OccupationJyotishi, Nakshe Navees, Writer, poet
SpouseSmt. Koyal Devi

Late Shri Shreekrishna Joshi (श्रीकृष्ण जोशी), ...... - 1966, in a renowned Jyotish family of Shri Kanhaiyalal Joshi of Ujjain. Shreekrishna Joshi a matriculate of early 20th century, being a Dashora Brahmin was closely associated with Mandsaur & Malwa region. His ancestors were from Junagadh, Gujrat who later migrated to Mandsaur as priest of the Mandsaur Empire and the region. His father was a well known Jyotish and honored number of times for his knowledge and predictions, given in favor of many renowned people and to Nawab of Jaora. The art of Jyotish came to him as ancestors gift and earlier Nawab of Jaora, when he was expelled out of his empire by britishers and was on exile to Ujjain , came across Pt. Gangadgar Joshi, grandfather of Shreekrishna Joshi, who predicted that the Nawab would regain his lost glory with the crown. The Nawabs promised for a Jagir or prosecution, if it was false/ fake. Shri Joshi was a Planchet operator and as per the evidences from the living people, nobody has seen earlier or after him, to operate the unique style of operating the Planchet. Shri Joshi were two brothers i.e. himself and Late Shri Sriniwas Joshi {Father of Padmashri Shri Sharad Joshi, A legendry hindi poet and Shri Romesh Joshi, A famous hindi columnist}. He had three sons Late Shri Surynarayan Joshi, Late Shri Chandranarayan Joshi and Late Shri Sheshnarayan Joshi and two daughters namely Late Smt. Chandrakanta (Dashora) and Smt. Kamla (Sharma) Shreekrishna Joshi died of natural death in 1966, while he was staying with his eldest son Shri Suryanarayan Joshi.

रचनाएँ-List of works[edit]